May 1, 2009

Designed to increase profits by maximizing production, the Mega Slam Primary/Secondary Horizontal Shaft Impactor handles feed sizes beyond the range of conventional secondary impactors. It is available in six models up to 1,200 TPH. The Grand Slam Secondary with Crush Plus Grinding Path System is available in 10 sizes up to 1,200 TPH. Design includes features to reduce maintenance and inventory. The high-chrome wear parts will withstand the abuse of the toughest materials for long wear life.

Designed with a multitude of value-added features, the new Genie TML-4000 light tower was recently introduced by Terex Aerial Work Platforms, a business segment of the Terex Corp., at the American Rental Association’s The Rental Show in Atlanta, GA. The new TML-4000 offers such features as a durable Kubota engine, galvanized mast, and standard 120-V and 240-V outlets. Quick-disconnect fittings on the lights and ballasts help make routine maintenance quick, preserving uptime. Numbered and interchangeable ballasts, galvanized for corrosion resistance, also make troubleshooting straightforward and repair simple.

Helac’s PowerTilt hydraulic bucket tilting attachment provides backhoes and excavators with up to 90 degrees of left and right bucket swing for a full 180-degree side-to- side swing capability. It pin-mounts to the dipperstick and has a clean, compact configuration with no cylinder rods or other external moving parts exposed to damage. PowerTilt can be furnished with two different built-in couplers direct from the factory: The standard, hook-style mechanical quick-coupler is designed for use with OEM pin-on buckets, while the optional universal coupler uses quick-hitch style buckets. PowerTilt can also be combined with most popular hydraulic quick-couplers. Each PowerTilt is equipped with an internal cross-port relief valve that provides hydraulic overload protection.

The Ditch Witch JT3020 All Terrain features all terrain technology, one of the Ditch Witch organization’s many patented innovations designed to simplify the HDD process. One of the company’s breakthrough innovations was the slant-faced drill bit, which revolutionized the industry by enabling HDD operators to steer the drill head. All Terrain technology improves upon the steering process with a patented dual-drive pipe system, which enables the JT3020 All Terrain to drill and steer at the same time. The inner pipe of the JT3020 All Terrain’s two-pipe drill string continuously turns the drill bit at 150 to 400 RPM, depending on the soil, resulting in exceptionally efficient boring.

Points North is a leading expert in prevailing wage requirements. The Minnesota-based software fi rm developed Certified Payroll Reporting, an innovative software application that has streamlined the weekly reporting process for thousands of contractors throughout the country. The software automates the weekly reporting process by integrating with popular payroll solutions and comes fully equipped with forms that adhere to the new Department of Labor requirements.

The Blue Book has enhanced its Web site, introducing tools to help users search, sort, and save contact information on vendors. My Blue Book allows customers to find, add, and organize vendor information using different selection and sort criteria. Once a customer finds a selection from The Blue Book’s leading database of general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers, then he or she can customize the display to view and sort by selected fi elds, tracking the project and much more. My Blue Book is available-free- exclusively online.

Hoelscher Commercial Products announces an addition to its line of compact dirt-working equipment. The GR series of pull-type graders is ideal for building and maintaining roads, driveways, and alleys. The pull-type design offers superior blade stability and gives the operator complete visibility of the cutting edge. Power tilt allows for on-the-go adjustment of the moldboard, giving the operator complete control of the desired grade profile. Blade height is maintained by the tractor’s three-point hitch. Optional Spill Guards on both ends of the moldboard are adjustable. These can be set to prevent material from spilling over the leading edge of the blade.

The temperature-controlled Leica RCD100 camera housing contains the control unit, a highly reliable and exchangeable solid-state memory, the Leica IPAS20 Inertial Positioning and Attitude System with IMU, and up to two 39MP fr 39MP frame sensors for single-head or dual-head operation. Dual-head operation all allows simultaneous image acquisition in R in RGB a GB and CIR. Further, the Leica RCD100 offers 35-mm, 60-mm, and 100-mm ex changeable lenses and the most rigid lens mounting on the market. This ensures flexibility and photogrammetric stability without compromise.

Cummins Inc. introduces the next-generation QSL9 engine platform, ready to meet EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage IIIB off-highway emissions. The QSL9 features a fully integrated air-intake-to-exhaust aftertreatment system with all Tier 4 technology enablers designed and manufactured by Cummins. Cleaner, more efficient combustion reduces QSL9 fuel consumption by up to 5%, dependent on rating. The QSL9 increases top-rated power to 380 horsepower with peak power rising to 400 horsepower at a lower rpm in response to very high work load demands.

The Grade King Series Leveling Scraper can be used in combination with the 48-48 Roll-N-Go Sheep’s Foot Compaction Roller, as seen in this photo. This combination eliminates the need for several pieces of specialized equipment. This equipment includes a road grader with scarifier, specialized compactor, dozer, and aerating equipment. It also decreases fuel and labor costs by performing several jobs with one operator and one tractor, thus increasing profit margins on any excavating job. The Grade King can be used by itself or with the Roll-N-Go to maintain haul roads.

Gehl Co., a leading manufacturer of compact construction and agriculture equipment, is pleased to introduce the new RS10 telescopic handler. This new addition to the RS Series telescopic handlers has a rated lift capacity of 10,000 pounds and a maximum lift height of 44 feet, making it a true high-capacity four-story machine. The RS10 is an excellent addition to the already outstanding line of Gehl telescopic handlers. The boom of the new RS10 telescopic handler has a welded box-section design, which it shares with the proven Gehl DL Series telescopic handlers, meaning it is stronger than comparable competitive models. The 10,000-pound operating capacity is achieved without the use of outriggers or fluid-fillled tires, although outriggers are optional.

These pumps are capable of delivering flow over 1,400 gallons per minute and head conditions up to 900 feet. They come equipped with hand-operated diaphragm primers as standard but can be equipped for automatic priming. Griffin jet pumps are an ideal solution for pile and caisson jetting, field installation of well casings without digging or drilling, oil pipeline testing, water supply, fire protection, pipeline cleaning, mining, or a variety of other applications that require high flow and high pressure. Features include end- suction centrifugal pumps, hand primers (standard with automatic primers available), an integral fuel tank designed for eight-hour operation, pressure up to 370 pounds per square inch, and flows up to 1,400 gallons per minute.

CW Mill Equipment Co. Inc. has been building top-quality electric- and diesel-powered grinders in every known configuration for decades, and today its machinery is marketed under the well-known and respected HogZilla trademark. CW Mill has recently developed an even larger, more advanced electric-powered grinding system that can be configured as either a tub grinder or a horizontal end-feed grinder. As CW Mill specializes in the heaviest-duty grinders through HogZilla, the company’s strength is able to magnify grinding systems into the most massive configurations for extreme production while powering the system more effi ciently, significantly reducing costs.

While some companies only dream of success, independently owned Grouser Products announces its F series over-the-tire Bar Track. Grouser’s commitment to quality has made the Bar Track the number-one-selling track on the market. The only track-and-track manufacturer recommended by rubber-tired skid-steer manufacturers uses such heavy-duty, contractor-grade components as large 1.25-inch hardened, fi eld-replaceable bushings and 80,000-psi links to insure durability. Grouser’s innovative design of the Bar Tracks also has important benefits: patented, open side plates to permit excellent cleanout in the pivot area and open cross-bar design provides excellent cleaning. 

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Microplastics that were fragmented from larger plastics are called secondary microplastics; they are known as primary microplastics if they originate from small size produced industrial beads, care products or textile fibers.
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