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2023 Top Projects – College Downs Stream Restoration

Nov. 27, 2023
The restoration project sought to reduce the frequency of flooding, and improve water quality.
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Erosion Control

What to know about soil stabilization

July 24, 2023
Soil stabilization methods and the variables that can influence how well they work.
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Flood Control

Post-wildfire mudslides, floods not caused by water-repellant soil

July 20, 2023
New research disproves a common belief that burnt watersheds create a water-repellant layer of organic substances, responsible for the watersheds’ increase flood and mudslide ...
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Erosion Control

USACE awards $8.7M contract for Navigation Systemic Mitigation Island 4 project

July 19, 2023
Newt Marine Service has been contracted to redirect sediment, perform dredging and plant vegetation as part of the Navigation Systemic Mitigation Island 4 project.
GZA GeoEnvironmental
A two-dimensional numerical wave model (SWAN) was used to determine the need for wave attenuation and inform placement of the living shoreline features.
Erosion Control

Designing with nature for coastal risk reduction in Connecticut

July 18, 2023
Two Connecticut coastal communities share the problems that come with erosion and are turning to living shorelines to help.
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The U.S. Gulf Coast is one of three locations where research is being conducted within the wider DARPA Reefense program.
Erosion Control

‘Reefense’ restoration project: Developing hybrid reefs to reduce wave energy and shield coastal communities

July 18, 2023
Oyster habitats could play an important role in protecting the U.S. Gulf Coast — and eventually other coastlines — from damaging waves and storm damage.