All-In-One Sulfide Analyzer Helps Control Odor, Protects Equipment and Cuts Maintenance Costs

Jan. 3, 2014

Irvine, CA–With its breakthrough all-in-one design the new SMS-22 Sulfide Ion Measurement System from Electro-Chemical Devices, Inc., (ECD) can be quickly installed with no special tools, features user-selectable automated sequential sampling of sulfide ions in water and lowers plant technician and supply maintenance costs.

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a gas that dissolves in water and gives it a “rotten egg” odor.  H2S is present in well water, municipal wastewater and wastewater produced by refineries, tanneries, chemical plants, and paper and pulp facilities. It is typically formed in environments prone to the creation of septic conditions. In addition to odors, excessive concentrations of H2S in wastewater can lead to corrosion and structural damage to municipal water/waste infrastructure including equipment and piping.

The SMS-22 Sulfide Measurement System saves time and labor costs for municipal water operations by completing all the necessary steps to measure sulfide ions in a water sample. Because sulfide ions only exist at high pH values, this is a multi-step process. The SMS-22 conditions the sample, measures the sulfide, neutralizes the sample, measures the pH and drains and rinses the cell. After measurement, the highly caustic sample pH is reduced to a safe level near pH 8.

The ECD SMS-22 is a sequential sampling analyzer. Featuring automated sequential sampling, the Model C-22 Analyzer controls the sequential sampling with a combination of relays and timers. Sampling times are easily adjustable from 2 samples per hour to 10 samples per hour, and this economical system offers very low reagent consumption.

SMS-22 Sulfide Analyzer System                                                                

The SMS-22 Sulfide Ion Measurement System uses a sulfide ion selective electrode (ISE) to measure the total amount of sulfide present in the sample. ISE-based S-2 measurement provides a wide measurement ranges of 0 to 5 ppm and up to 500 ppm using economical, easily replaceable electrode cartridges. It features a measuring temperature range of -5 to 50°C (20° to 120°F), accuracy to ± 20 ppb or 5 percent of reading, whichever is greater, and repeatability of ± 2 percent of reading.

Easy to install and maintain, the SMS-22 features 4-20 mA outputs that display the total sulfide as well as the neutralized pH value. The output values are captured in the measurement cycle and displayed until the next measurement cycle. The rugged enclosure provides IP66 protection and is rated NEMA 4X. The base is made of gray hot-molded fiberglass-reinforced polyester and the cover is made of transparent polycarbonate with non-metallic hinges.

About Electro-Chemical Devices

Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) is a manufacturer of liquid analytical process instrumentation. Founded in 1977, ECD has been in business for over 30 years and has built its industry leading reputation by its commitment to customers through this basic approach: Provide quality products, develop technical innovations and provide responsive, knowledgeable service.

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