Agru America Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Feb. 5, 2014

Georgetown, SC — Agru America, headquartered in Georgetown, South Carolina, has completed its 25th year in business. The company, which began with a polypropylene pipe plant in Massachusetts in 1988, today employs 200 people at three manufacturing facilities located in Georgetown, South Carolina, Andrews, South Carolina, and Fernley, Nevada.

The company began as a 50/50 joint venture in Canton, Massachusetts and another 50/50 Henderson, NV-based joint venture as Serrot International producing geomembranes. The company expanded in 1992 to geomembrane production at the Massachusetts location. The manufacturing facility and headquarters were relocated in January 1996 to their current home in Georgetown, S.C.

“When reflecting back to when I joined Agru America, I’m overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude and respect for the company owners, Mr. Gruber Sr. and Mag. Gruber Jr., and their continued vision and support for the growth of Agru America,” stated Mr. Johnson, President since November 1997 after joining the organization in 1995. “The company is one of the top suppliers of geosynthetic materials, a position for which we’re grateful, proud and blessed.”

Agru America is the only U.S. manufacturer using the flat die extrusion calendered process to produce smooth and structured geomembranes for the U.S. and international civil, environmental and mining markets. By extruding materials in-house, Agru is able to manufacture the highest-quality, one-layer products with unique surface structures such as spikes and studs as well as multi-layer and colored extrusion sheets.

Agru America expanded its manufacturing capabilities and product range with the acquisition of assets of the Performance Fabrics and Fibers plant in Andrews, South Carolina in January 2012 supplying textiles to the civil, environmental, mining, bedding and automotive markets.

Agru America is part of Alois Gruber GmbH, a family-owned business since 1948 with production facilities in Austria, the U.S., Germany, China and India, and distribution in over 80 countries worldwide.

About Agru America

Agru America, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of flat die extrusion geomembranes, geonets, geocomposites, geotextiles, geo clay liners, concrete protective liners and semi-finished sheets. Agru America also supplies vertical barrier systems, and pipe and fitting systems for the U.S. and international civil/environmental markets. The company’s state-of-the-art products include Smooth/Micro Spike (structured textured products), Super Gripnet, and Drain Liner in both LLDPE and HDPE. The company’s website can be found at

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