Hamilton Water pilots drone technology

April 19, 2024
The drone technology was used to help to Improve data accuracy of stormwater facilities and adhere to new compliance regulations with improved timing of pond dredging.


Photo 152635128 © Michal Bednarek |
Photo courtesy of Andrew Fisher.
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Photo and caption courtesy California Department of Water Resources.
Temporary diversion equipment provided by DWR is deployed by Fresno Irrigation District to divert excess water from Kings River to reduce flood risk and expand groundwater recharge. Photo taken April 27, 2023.

Four Water Bills Pass in Colorado

May 31, 2022
There is now bipartisan support of bills including groundwater compact compliance and sustainability provisions
Stormwater Management

Defying Gravity, Water, and Time to Keep New Orleans Dry

Discover how Timken Power Systems helped the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Pump to the River Project move up to nine inches of rain for a 24-hour period.
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Dropping By #75: Aquifer Education Center Opens in San Antonio

April 25, 2022
John Ramirez, educator at Edwards Aquifer, drops by to talk about the importance of educating the public on water issues.

US EPA & Florida Debate Trump-era Clean Water Act Permitting Regulations

Feb. 9, 2022
If EPA objects to Florida’s management of specific projects and the state goes ahead with the projects anyway, EPA has the power to transfer the decision to the Army Corps of ...