Aclara Introduces STAR_prestige Analytics for Water Customers

June 12, 2014

ST. LOUIS — June 9, 2014 — Aclara Technologies LLC, a leading provider of intelligent infrastructure technologies for water, gas and electric utilities, today introduces STAR_prestige analytics at the American Water Works Association’s ACE14, in Boston. The analytics solution is the first offering in the company’s STAR_select line of powerful and scalable solutions connecting its proven, fixed-network communications with a host of integrated product offerings and professional services for water utilities.

“The goal of the STAR_select network is to give customers timely, high-resolution meter readings that provide accurate billing data and eliminate on-site visits and estimated reads,” said Todd Stocker, director of water and gas product management at Aclara. “Analysis of the hourly meter data provided by STAR_prestige helps utilities reduce non-revenue water losses, improve services, and better manage resources and networks.”

STAR_select is an advanced, highly robust, utility-focused line of communications solutions that delivers comprehensive advanced metering data through a secure, long-range wireless network employing licensed radio frequencies.

The STAR_prestige solution is the first offered in the STAR_select line.  It provides hosted meter data management, customer presentment and analytics, and takes advantage of the information and investment of a water utility’s advanced metering infrastructure. With complete web-based visibility across the entire distribution system, the solution provides water utilities with a new level of information and control over resources, assets and revenue.

Built on the industry leading, field-proven FATHOM™ analytics and consumer-engagement platform, the STAR_prestige solution offers:

  • Meter Data Management(MDM) Hosted database with common data storage ensures data integrity and provides user authentication for data security and customer privacy.
  • Distribution and Meter Analytics End-to-end visibility across the distribution network with web-based analytic tools to determine water balances, meter trends and meter right-sizing.
  • Insights for CSRs and Customers

Customers connect through insightful and useful information that encourages conservation awareness and reduces demands on customer-service resources.

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