HaloSource, Rain for Rent Sign Partnership

July 19, 2014

July 18, 2014 – HaloSource and Rain for Rent are pleased to announce that they have signed a strategic partnership to provide customers with enhanced water filtration solutions. This alliance delivers customers a single source solution that cost effectively meets water discharge standards on their jobsites in an environmentally responsible way.

The HaloKlear portfolio of eco-friendly polymer technologies addresses a wide variety of pollutants and contaminant types including total suspended solids, algae, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, oils and organic compounds.  The strategic partnership is targeting a significant share of the $1.9 billion domestic market[1] for flocculent chemicals, focused in construction, environmental, simple mining and industrial applications. Strategies to win more of that business include digital marketing targeting new and existing Rain for Rent customers, lead sharing and co-branding proposals and marketing materials. 

Rain for Rent’s specialty is delivering complete water management systems including pumps, pipe, tanks and filtration backed by engineering and sales expertise. By providing liquid handling solutions for the past 80 years, Rain for Rent is one of the largest players in the equipment rental and engineering services space, with more than 1,500 employees who serve all 50 states and Canada from over 60 locations.

Rain for Rent and HaloSource have already teamed up on projects demonstrating they can cost effectively deliver turnkey water management solutions, including the below:

  • The I-405 Expansion in Los Angeles, CA, – Treating slurry on-site saves construction/engineering company 65% in project costs or $148,000 / month compared to trucking to offsite treatment facilities. The treatment system also allows the construction company to reuse the water in their hydro-excavating process.
  • St Croix River Crossing Project, WI & MN   – Joint Department of Transport road and bridge construction job successfully managed high profile, environmentally sensitive river project.
  • San Francisco BART Extension — A multiyear project that utilizes HaloKlear Dual Polymer System, an all-natural, patented, 100% biodegradable biopolymer. The project allows for local stormwater discharge and delivers a significant savings in water management, storage and disposal.

Timothy Joyce, VP&GM, Americas, HaloSource:

“The combination of Rain for Rent’s technical field expertise along with their sales and marketing reach established over 80 years, together with HaloKlear’s innovative technology solutions, is compelling.

We are confident that this strategic alliance will deliver significant opportunities to provide new and existing Rain for Rent customers with cost and time savings and improved capability to manage regulatory challenges in the multibillion-dollar water management markets.  We are initially focusing on half a dozen key geographies and the HaloKlear team has begun training Rain for Rent’s sales force on HaloKlear’s technologies.”

JP Lake, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Rain for Rent, added:

“Rain for Rent brings Liquid Ingenuity to every project and that means finding ways to help companies manage stormwater and contaminated water sources using environmentally friendly methods. HaloSource is clearly a leader in flocculant development and application. We believe our combined products, engineering and service capabilities offer a compelling single source solution for our customers.”

About HaloSource, Inc.

HaloKlear, a division of HaloSource, Inc. designs solutions that serve people, preserve the planet, and protect our most valuable resource — water. The team of HaloSource chemists, biochemists and microbiologists hold more than 100 patents, giving the company the power to provide unique and proven technologies to strategic partners around the globe. The company’s mission is to make water better and help return previously contaminated water into the environment in the most clean, natural pure state.

Founded in Seattle, Washington, HaloSource has grown to become an influential leader in three key sectors: drinking water purification, recreational water, and environmental water treatment and remediation.  HaloPure, SeaKlear and HaloKlear are the distinct brands that optimize the unique chemistry platforms across these primary sectors.  Learn more about these cutting edge technologies by visiting HaloSource.com

About Rain for Rent

Rain for Rent is the leading provider of temporary liquid handling solutions including pumps, tanks, and filtration and spill containment. Projects range from flood relief to construction site dewatering, sewer bypasses and industrial plant turnarounds.

The company is known for its systems engineering expertise and its ability to tackle complex jobs cost effectively, providing an exceptionally high value. Family owned and operated since 1934, it serves all 50 states and Canada from over 60 locations.

To learn more about Rain for Rent’s liquid handling solutions and Liquid Ingenuity, visit rainforrent.com.

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