WaterSmart Applauds CA Lawmakers for Passing Historic $7.5B Water Bond

Aug. 16, 2014

San Francisco, CA — August 14, 2014 — WaterSmart Software, the leading behavioral water efficiency solution provider that helps utilities and their customers save money and water, today applauded California lawmakers for passing a $7.5B state water bond.  The historic bond measure includes $810M for drought preparedness, with $100M specifically allocated for urban water conservation and efficiency solutions like WaterSmart.  
“Never before has California made such a commitment to new water solutions, including technology like WaterSmart. This is a significant down payment on the investment in water efficiency our state will have to make in the coming years as we learn to do more with less water,” said Peter Yolles, Founder and CEO of WaterSmart Software.
About WaterSmart Software
WaterSmart’s behavioral water efficiency solutions helps residents build better water use habits through social comparisons. WaterSmart’s highly cost effective technology is proven to triple customer engagement while improving water-use efficiency by as much as 5 percent, and can be deployed in as little as 4 weeks. WaterSmart has announced partnerships with 25 water utilities in California, Colorado, Utah, and Texas, and is currently tracking water use in over 1 million homes. 

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