BIOTOP Revolutionizes Swimming Pool Industry with Sustainable, Natural Swimming Pools

Sept. 19, 2014

DENVER, Sept. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Throughout its history BIOTOP has remained true to three core principles. Firstly, we want to be the best and most innovative system provider. Secondly, we want to offer our customers sustainable luxury. Thirdly, we only want to grow at a pace that allows us to provide the best service to both our customers and partner companies. The latter was the primary reason why it took until now for BIOTOP to introduce the BIOTOP Natural Pool and the BIOTOP Living Pool to the US. Although BIOTOP’s first project in North America began seven years ago. 

Natural Pool “Masterpiece” in the USA

It began most unexpectedly in the year 2007 when BIOTOP received a phone call from New York City at its headquarters in the middle of the Vienna Woods. On the phone was a renowned New York architecture firm. They had to hand-pick a company for one of their clients to build a natural pool on Nantucket Island. A gigantic pool of 17,000 square feet in size was to be the highlight of a beautiful redesign of the family vacation home. Two weeks later Peter Petrich, BIOTOP CEO, and his team gave a presentation that won over the firm and the client. The team from Austria incorporated all of its state-of-the art components and after a year and a half of planning and construction the project was completed in May of 2009. At the unveiling of the pool the owner’s wife said: “The pond is a veeery successful part of the project.” To this day the natural pool is a crowning element of the property.

BIOTOP is a Pioneer in the Field and is the Technology Leader in the Market

Although a few natural pools have been built privately on an experimental basis, BIOTOP was the first to use the idea commercially and to develop a natural pool system based on extensive research and development. Integral to the success of the system was the extensive knowledge and expertise the company founder Peter Petrich has about water. Knowledge which to this day can only be found at BIOTOP. This has made BIOTOP the provider that stands out above the rest. BIOTOP is the technology market leader in natural pools and living water. Peter Petrich is recognized as the leading authority in the field and never tires of taking seemingly perfect technical components to even greater heights. A BIOTOP innovation normally is copied within two years, but copies are copies and will never work like the original.

BIOTOP Offers What Environmentally Conscious Home Owners Want: Sustainable Luxury

Who doesn’t want to have a wonderful lifestyle secure in the knowledge that they are doing the “right” thing? To take care of so much that is important: The health of their children & family, and to contribute to the preservation of natural resources. Fun, extravaganza and the sustainment of nature — does all that go together? “Yes”, says Peter Petrich, “in the pool and backyard, BIOTOP with its partner companies, can provide crystal clear water without any use of chemicals.” But not only that: The Natural Pool has the same characteristics as a natural lake and provides a habitat for people, animals and plants while creating the incomparable feeling of swimming in natural water.

BIOTOP Revolutionizes the Swimming Pool Market

Do you prefer to swim in a conventional pool? Here too, BIOTOP is the only provider to offer the break-thru: The Living Pool. From its years of experience in building natural pools, a filter system has been developed that can make a natural pool look like a conventional swimming pool, but otherwise has nothing in common with the traditional chlorinated pool. On top of that, an existing chlorinated pool can be converted into a Living Pool at surprisingly low cost with BIOTOP’s Converter System.

BIOTOP’s US “Daughter” company is Established and Already 6 US Partners are Lined Up with More to Come!

After the success of the Nantucket Island venture, BIOTOP really began to reach out in 2013. Within a short time six partner companies in New England joined the BIOTOP Group. Core people of these companies were trained by BIOTOP in the first half of this year and are already building Natural Pools for their customers. With the incorporation of BIOTOP Natural Pool Inc. in Denver, CO a clear commitment to the US market has been made. To ensure the highest quality, all technical components are produced at BIOTOP headquarters in Austria and then shipped to the USA.

Peter Petrich: “After the training course one US partner compared BIOTOP with Tesla Motors. The more I think about it, the more I like it. BIOTOP Natural Pools are the Tesla S of swimming pools. From Austria, the green heart of Europe.”

Meet Peter Petrich, BIOTOP CEO and inventor of the natural pool, at the GREENBUILD 2014 in New Orleans, the premier event for sustainable building.
October 22-24, 2014 at the Morial Convention Center, booth 1713

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