Harris County, TX Selects Datamatic as Meter Reading System Vendor

Sept. 26, 2014

HOUSTON, Texas — Sept. 25, 2014 — When Harris County WCID 36‘s meter reading system warranty expired, they expected a simple renewal. However, their previous contract did not cover past the warranty period and included a clause that caused issues for Harris County. That is when the Texas utility found Datamatic and purchased the ROADRUNNER™ Handhelds to capture all of their meter reading data. 

Harris County WCID 36 provides areas of East Houston with water, sewage and maintenance. The new relationship with Datamatic provides the county with new efficient reading technology and the peace of mind knowing their investment will last without an expiration contract.

“Our objective is to give the best quality service to all of our customers in the area,” said Ronald Holder, President of Harris County Water District. “In order to provide the best service, we need to have the best equipment. Datamatic allows us to do just that with their ROADRUNNER™ Nomad handhelds. We look forward to seeing just how effective they are with our system.”

The ROADRUNNER™ Nomad is a powerful and versatile solution for meter reading. The Nomad incorporates the latest technologies, including WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, a laser scanner and a 5MP camera. When combined with Datamatic’s RouteSTAR Meter Reading Software, meters can be read with or without walk-by radio frequencies.

Water usage data is extracted from the meters across the city using these handheld devices or a field laptop computer. It is then converted and presented in a graph, spreadsheet or another meaningful format using Datamatic’s innovative ProfilePLUS software. This system is critical for leak detection, load studies, dispute resolution, meter right-sizing and conservation monitoring among other applications

Datamatic has earned a reputation for providing outstanding hardware and support that meet clients’ expectations for reliability and service,” said Phil Masters, Datamatic Chief Financial Officer. “Our ROADRUNNER handhelds are consistently the best in the market because of their versatility, reliability and value. We look forward to helping Harris County with their integration as they provide those living in East Houston with world-class water services.”

About Datamatic, Inc.

Datamatic is a leader in utility meter reading automation. The company’s innovative ideas created an industry when it installed the first electronic meter reading system in 1980. For nearly a quarter of a century, Datamatic has been at the forefront in the design, implementation and support of advanced utility meter reading and field data collection solutions for water, gas and electric utilities. Additional information about Datamatic for the media is available by calling Taylor Nelson at (214) 520-3430 or at www.datamatic.com.    

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