SAF-HOLLAND Expands SAF CBX Series with CBX46 & 50 Air Suspension/Slider Axle System

Sept. 29, 2014

Muskegon, Michigan, September 22, 2014 – SAF-HOLLAND, a leading global manufacturer of suspensions, fifth wheels, and landing gear, announces the expansion of its CBX Series Air Suspension/Slider Axle System offering for the North American Trailer Market with its new SAF CBX46 and CBX50.

The SAF CBX46 and CBX50 offer the robust 5.75-inch-diameter axle technology along with increased capacity and cast steel suspensions, providing the optimal balance of strength and weight for ultimate performance in on/off highway applications.


Designed for greater efficiency and economy, the 46,000-pound capacity of the SAF CBX46 is available in the U.S. and Canadian markets. Unlike similar competitive suspensions, the CBX46 includes a substantial upgrade to the overall slider strength and rigidity, incorporating a thicker 80 KSI high strength steel slider sub-frame material shared with the robust CBX69 Tri-Slider Series. The thicker side sill yields a 31 percent increase in overall structural rigidity over our proven, durable CBX40 slider.

The CBX46 includes a new trailing arm shared with the SAF CBX23 Air Suspension Axle System, providing increased strength and load capacity while minimizing overall weight. The combination of these upgrades creates a true 46,000-pound capacity rated system to handle the increased duty cycle and axle capacity demands for moderate- to heavy-duty van and reefer applications.


The 50,000-pound capacity of the SAF CBX50 makes the air suspension slider axle system ideal for heavy-duty van and reefer applications, and is also approved for the Mexican market. The CBX50 shares the same increased structural improvements by utilizing the 80 KSI yield slider sub-frame material as the CBX46. However, the CBX50 is further structurally enhanced with two additional crossmembers to create the most robust and structurally rigid 50K slider on the market. The CBX50 is designed with our proven SAF CBX25 Air Suspension trailing arm, providing increased system strength. This new combination of components produces the lightest, yet most robust 50K air slider available on the market today.

The CBX46 and CBX50 suspension-slider axle systems are available with the optional SAF INTEGRAL™ Air Disc Brake Axle System with the P89 optional wheel end package. The P89 accommodates up to 2-inch offset wheels for application and maintenance flexibility, allowing fleets to choose the wheel end offset desired. And, the P89 can accommodate both industry-standard single wide-based wheels with up to 2-inch offsets and dual wheel configurations. This wider bearing configuration helps distribute the load between the bearings.

For fast and convenient axle alignment, the two new CBX suspension/slider axle systems feature SwingAlign™. With SwingAlign, axle alignment is easily and quickly made directly by the adjustment screw, requiring less than 250 ft lbs of torque to adjust.

Both the SAF CBX46 and CBX50 include the QwikRelease™ Pin Pull for easy slider adjustments. The QwikRelease allows one person slider repositioning, and is designed for easy elimination of bound-up pins.

All CBX Series suspension/slider axle systems come standard with BLACK ARMOURTM metal protection process. BLACK ARMOURTM chemically bonds with metal to form a protective skin that is impervious to water and stands up against the harsh anti-icing agents used on roadways. BLACK ARMOUR is eco-friendly, and when compared to galvanization is less expensive and lighter weight.

“The CBX46 and CBX50 are key suspension/slider axle system additions in our ever-growing portfolio as we continue to meet the needs of our customers,” said Steffen Schewerda, President of Trailer Suspension Systems Business Unit. “The expanded CBX Series provides customers with more suspension choices from SAF-HOLLAND with the same performance, efficiency, and reliability that they have come to depend upon.”

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