Pepco Deploys Itron and ClipperCreek Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Solution

Nov. 13, 2014

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. – Nov. 6, 2014 – Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) and ClipperCreek announced today that Pepco, electric service provider to more than 801,000 customers throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia and subsidiary of Pepco Holdings, Inc. (PHI), is deploying the companies’ electric vehicle smart charging pilot solution. The technology, which combines ClipperCreek’s charging station with Itron Embedded Sensing technology, provides the foundation for Pepco’s Demand Management Pilot Program for plug-in vehicle charging. The voluntary program encourages Pepco customers in its Maryland service territory who own electric vehicles to conveniently take advantage of off-peak charging.

Pepco will use the smart charging to test demand response events and calculate the load impact of each event. The pilot program is to validate electric vehicle smart charging stations to support consumer engagement, demand response, time-of-use rates and embedded revenue-grade metering. Pepco will be able to study the impact of electric vehicle charging to the utility distribution system.

“Itron and ClipperCreek’s smart charging system is an innovating technology that satisfies our requirements for our Plug-In Vehicle Charging Pilot Program,” said Barbara M. Gonzalez, PHI’s manager of special projects who is leading the program. “We look forward to evaluating this cutting-edge solution, which will empower our customers to reduce peak usage and save money when charging their electric vehicles, while also decreasing the demand on our electric distribution system while increasing our system reliability.”

With Itron Embedded Sensing, Itron equips each ClipperCreek 240V charging station with revenue-grade metrology and command and control communication over a variety of mediums. The solution allows for flexible and automatic control of charging, receiving inputs such as charging schedules and control signals for demand response. In addition, the solution allows Pepco to remotely measure the energy delivered to the vehicle as interval metering data.

“Itron is excited to be a part of this innovative electric vehicle charging pilot at Pepco. Using the smart charging solution, Pepco will empower its customers to participate in demand response events, incenting off-peak charging while better managing the integration of electric vehicles on the grid,” said Lou Gust, Itron vice president of sales and marketing for electricity in North America. “We are looking forward to helping Pepco achieve the goals of its Plug-In Vehicle Charging Pilot so its customers can better manage energy resources.”

“We are pleased to work with Itron and Pepco to deliver our trusted charging platform with Itron’s proven utility metering and powerful communications technology,” said Jason France, ClipperCreek’s president and founder. “With integrated and networked demand response and load control capabilities, Pepco can provide enhanced service and features to its customers.” 

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