Pressure Controller from FCS Automatically Regulates Water Distribution Networks

Nov. 21, 2014

Milford, OH (November 19, 2014) — Fluid Conservation Systems now carries the new electronic controller for pressure reducing valves (PRVs) from sister company HWM. Pegasus+ provides detailed multi-point PRV control without a flowmeter, either by flow or by time, together with intelligent closed loop control.

The controller permits immediate control of pressure within a distribution network, and automatically adapts to network changes and events by analyzing data from up to three critical points (CPs). By controlling PRV output pressure, Pegasus+ maintains CP targets defined in terms of time, flow or a combination of the two. Networks can be optimized to reflect changing demand throughout the day or week.

In extreme or emergency situations, a latching solenoid output enables valves to be fully opened or closed according to controller settings. Bidirectional GPRS telemetry can be used to trigger alarms or remotely control the valve.

In addition to its main logging channel, Pegasus+ features a secondary channel for fast logging down to one-second intervals. This allows for a more detailed investigation of events such as pressure spikes and helps to establish actual minimum night flow.

With Pegasus+, a network can be controlled from any web-enabled device. Via the HWM Online web viewer, users can check and alter system and component configurations and settings. A tablet or PC-based app facilitates controller set-up and programming.

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