Compost Filter Socks

Aug. 10, 2022
Naturally filtering BMPs keep pollutants out of waterways. The Filtrexx EnviroSoxx Industrial Blend compost filter sock now features drastic new improvements.

Stormwater runoff from industrial sites is a major cause of water pollution, but stormwater filtration products can help to prevent pollutants from the sites entering the ecosystem. This is essential — not only for protecting the environment but also for ensuring compliance with a growing range of regulations and requirements.

Let Nature Do It

EnviroSoxx by Filtrexx® is a passive stormwater treatment device and a unique product within the industry. Thanks to its specialized blend of compost and natural additives to filter stormwater runoff, it removes a wide range of pollutants that include hydrocarbons, nutrients, heavy metals, bacteria, and sediment. EnviroSoxx can be used in various applications across a site — from perimeter protection and check dams to pollutant wraps and inlet protection.

Following a year of intensive research led by Dr. Britt Faucette, Filtrexx’s director of research and technical services, Filtrexx has announced a drastically improved formulation of the EnviroSoxx Industrial Blend compost filter sock.

Target More Pollutants

The new blend has been designed to tackle even more harmful particles: it now filters 10 heavy metals, including aluminum, arsenic, iron and selenium; it removes ammonium-nitrogen (NH4-N) and total nitrogen (TN); and it helps neutralize the pH of stormwater runoff.

EnviroSoxx is designed for use on sites that suffer from heavy-metal pollution — such as scrap metal yards, industrial fabrication sites, and automotive businesses. It also now meets an increased number of the compliance standards necessary to secure site permits.

Increase Functional Longevity

EnviroSoxx was tested across multiple storm events. The results show that the new Industrial Blend retains its effectiveness for an average of up to 10 storm events without any drop-off in performance.

Double Filtration Effectiveness

The study also measured the impact of combining multiple EnviroSoxx filter socks. The results show that, by placing three socks in a series, sites can on average double their pollutant removal rate, compared to using one sock alone.

With its enhanced filtration capabilities, Filtrexx’s EnviroSoxx Industrial Blend is a valuable tool for manufacturing, composting, waste management, and mining sites, alongside many others. Plus, Filtrexx has a wide range of other products tailored to meet the specific requirements of many industrial operations. SW

Filtrexx manufactures a variety of BMPs for construction and post-construction applications, including the original compost filter sock, Filtrexx SiltSoxx. Filtrexx has an extensive network of partners and distributors to serve customers across the globe. To learn more, visit

Published in Stormwater magazine, August 2022.


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