Spray-applied lining prevents dig-and-replace in Kansas

Sept. 19, 2023

When a cavity was discovered in an aging roadway in Hays, Kansas — thankfully, before any damage could occur to the cars overhead — the city determined the cause to be a 48-inch diameter deteriorated corrugated metal pipe (CMP) and was faced with a need to more regularly inspect its existing, older stormwater structures.

What they found was that much of the underground storm sewer system was approaching the end of

its life. While the 48-inch pipe that had caused the original cavity did unfortunately need to be replaced, it was the exception. The majority of the remaining structures throughout the city, it appeared, could be rehabilitated. They found that cementitious lining

would be the solution that provided the most value. The Goddard, Kansas-based company Mayer

Specialty Services LLC was awarded the contract and would perform the cementitious rehabilitation using Strong’s Storm Seal system. The project involved nearly 10,000 linear feet of CMP at sites all over town — making up about 6% of the city’s entire storm system. Pipe sizes ranged from 15 inches to 54 inches in diameter, and lengths ranged from 6 feet up to 400 feet long. They used a vacuum truck and power washed the structures in order to ensure that they removed any and all existing debris, including silt, gravel and rocks. Over the course of nearly a full year, Mayer used a spin-casting system consisting of a spinner, winch, and control panel to centrifugally line over 9,000 feet of CMP at various locations all around the city of Hays, preventing the need for any further expensive and disrupting stormwater pipe replacements.

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