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Fairfield, US 45014

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Finn Corp., based near Cincinnati, Ohio, made a name for itself in the landscape and erosion control marketplaces when the doors to a small shop were opened by Charles Finn in 1935. His revolutionary invention of a machine that was designed to chop and apply straw for mulching bare soil paved the way for a pattern of high quality, labor-saving equipment for decades to follow under the Finn name. Following the Straw Blower, Finn invented the first HydroSeeder in 1953 to efficiently shoot seed and fertilizers over broad areas. This was more than a product innovation—it was the seed that grew an entirely new industry of turf and erosion control contractors. With this pioneering spirit part of its culture and utilizing a vast dealer network along Finn Corp. has grown to a world-wide leader in the manufacture and sale of erosion control and landscape equipment and products.

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Erosion Control


Aug. 20, 2019
The Titan HydroSeeder is designed and fitted to FINN’s largest hydroseeder models, ranging from the 3,000 to 4,000 gal tank sizes. Features include patent pending integrated bale...

Hydroseeder Applications

May 29, 2018
Finn continues to develop and adapt its equipment to fit new applications, from oil field reclamation to fire suppression to U.S. military operations. The company modified its...
Erosion Control

Custom HydroSeeders & Bark Blowers

Aug. 15, 2014
Finn continues to develop and adapt equipment to fit new applications. From oil field and mining reclamation to sediment control filter sock installation to landfill daily cover...
Erosion Control

Finn Corp.

Feb. 7, 2014
Finn specializes in manufacturing erosion control and landscape equipment that helps contractors increase productivity while cutting labor and material costs. With product lines...

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Erosion Control

Hydroseeding Shapes Highway Construction

March 2, 2021
Hydroseeding limits soil erosion and increases habitat for endangered species in Canada highway construction