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Maple Grove, US 55311

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EPG designs and manufactures trouble-free equipment used to address the needs of the landfill, remediation and industrial markets, including products and systems associated with soil and groundwater treatment and monitoring, vapor extraction and air sparing, leachate collection, air compliance and other environmental projects. EPG provides separate components and completely integrated systems including electric and pneumatic pumps for both horizontal and vertical leachate and gas condensate applications, level and flow controllers, discharge adapters, sensors, tanks, electrical panels, breakout junction boxes, wireless switches, SCADA, telemetry systems, recirculation systems, thermal oxidizers, blower packages, biogas flares, and more. Since 1985, EPG Companies Inc. has designed and manufactured leachate, gas condensate and dewatering pump systems for 1500+ landfills with 12,000 installations worldwide. This includes SurePump™ electric pumps, Viridian America Pneumatic Pumps, UL Control Panels, Level and Flow Monitoring, Discharge Disconnects, Remediation, and LTL Biogas & Solar-Spark® flares. EPG conducts annual SWANA accredited hands-on training each year for our customers and field service partners.