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Go the Distance With CUES CUES is the world’s leading manufacturer of closed circuit television video (CCTV) pipeline inspection systems, joint sealing solutions, pipe profiling equipment, and asset inspection/decision support software. For over 50 years, CUES has provided innovative pipeline inspection technology and solutions to enable accurate condition assessment and proactive maintenance programs for buried infrastructure. CUES continues to lead the industry by designing and manufacturing products for pipe inspection, profiling, rehabilitation, and data acquisition right here in the USA, with bi-directional interfaces to ESRI ArcGIS and asset management software such as Hansen, Azteca Cityworks, and others. CUES’ GraniteNet Software provides a strong foundation for decision-making to establish priorities for pipeline inspection, rehabilitation, or replacement. Manhole inspection systems, chemical grouting systems for mainline and lateral pipe joints, lateral-reinstatement cutting systems, and advanced sonar, lidar, and laser profiling systems are also available from the industry’s infrastructure experts at CUES! At CUES, after-sales support is a foundation of our business model. We ship 98% of our spare part orders within 24 hours of receipt. We also provide loaner equipment and full-time customer support and training from our experienced team of industry professionals and factory-certified technicians. Operator training schools and resultant certification are offered regularly to all CUES customers. Emphasis on innovation and customer support has made CUES the world’s largest supplier of pipeline inspection and rehabilitation equipment and software. CUES conducts its development and manufacturing operations from over 60,000 square feet of facilities in Orlando, Florida. We maintain U.S. facilities for sales, service and support in Florida, California, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Delaware. We appreciate the opportunity to assist and look forward to hearing from you. Contact CUES today for a free demo and learn how we can help you “Go the Distance!”