Sept. 1, 2016
ANALYTICAL TECHNOLOGY INC.Continuous water quality monitoring of ammonia is becoming increasingly important for plant operations and process control. Unfortunately, most online ammonia monitors are generally very expensive, complex, maintenance-intensive instruments. ATl’s response to this issue was to develop a system that utilizes a completely new approach to online monitoring of ammonia that is easier to operate and less expensive than competitive systems. The Q46N Free Ammonia Monitor is designed for the continuous measurement of free ammonia, total ammonia, and monochloramine in potable water. It is intended for monitoring chloraminated water to minimize the amount of excess ammonia in the
BLUE-WHITE INDUSTRIESThere are no metals in the fluid path of F-462N Series inline Variable Area Flowmeters, making these units well-suited for use in many ultrapure applications. Constructed of tough, chemical resistant Polysulfone, F-462N flowmeters offer better resistance to high temperatures, pressures, and a broad base of harsh chemicals than many plastic flowmeters on the market. The high capacity F-462N utilizes precisely engineered ridges molded into the meter body, which guide PTFE floats. Calibration range is 2.0 to 80 GPM per 8.0 to 300 LPM, and permanent direct reading scales are easy to read. F-462N features Polysulfone 2 inch F per NPT
MASTER METERHarmony Enterprise Suite is an open platform, designed to be compatible with nearly every AMI Network on the market today. Its integrated Google Mapping Tools and advanced Meter Data Management features provide an exceptional environment for managing, reporting, and analyzing advanced metering infrastructure and mobile data acquisition systems. Leveraging the Microsoft Azure cloud, Harmony delivers fast performance bringing the Internet of Things into any sized water
HERMANN SEWERIN GMBHThe AQUAPHON A 50, a Hermann Sewerin GmbH system for professional electro-acoustic leak detection, includes a compact, handy receiver for prelocating and pinpointing leaks. The small, lightweight, and compact A 50 receiver has everything needed to electro-acoustically locate leaks in water pipe networks. This product is the reasonable, entry-level model for professional acoustic water leak detection. It completes the portfolio of devices previously developed by Sewerin in the water product