Next Stop: Atlanta

Aug. 21, 2018

Thanks to all of you who joined us last week at StormCon in Denver. We’re already looking forward to next year’s conference in Atlanta, GA, which will take place August 18–22, 2019. You can see more information—and the call for speakers coming soon—at

In their keynote address, popular returning speaker Dominique Lueckenhoff of EPA Region 3’s Water Protection Division and Charles C. Glass of the Maryland Department of Transportation discussed “smart green corridors,” linking innovative technologies not only from stormwater management but also energy, transportation, and other sectors. “By placing complementary practices and technologies in close proximity, the dynamics and outputs from one facility or practice can support and enhance activities in many others.” This is a taste of how we’ll plan—and how we’ll be able to afford—new infrastructure in the future. The opening session, sponsored by AbTech Industries, even got the audience involved in helping design a smart green corridor.

Thanks as well to our many individual presenters. I especially want to thank the moderators—the dedicated volunteers who help us run the technical sessions, introduce the speakers, help them keep track of the time, and generally keep things moving. We couldn’t do it without them. This year, many of the moderators joined us from the Colorado Department of Transportation; special thanks to Jean Cordova of CDOT who helped with some timely last-minute arrangements.

This year’s moderators:

Tamara Burke, CDOT

Josh Giovanetti, CDOT

Susie Hagie, CDOT

Ken Howlett, CDOT

Alexander Kaeka, Trident Seafoods Corp.

Fred Kraekel, Hydro International

Ed Matthieson, Wenck Associates

Zach Monge, Jacobs

Aaron Schlechter

Mary Polacek, Deptartment of Energy & Environment

Stephen Polzella, Apex

Sean Porter, Apex

Brian Reiser, CDOT

Basil Ryer, CDOT

Nick Schipanski, CDOT

Craig Snell, MNS Engineers

Yu-Chun Su, LAN

Susan Suddjian, CDOT

Danielle Wilkinson, CDOT

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Janice Kaspersen

Janice Kaspersen is the former editor of Erosion Control and Stormwater magazines.