Pennsylvania Substation Employs Erosion Control Solutions

Sept. 7, 2016

Work began on the Lauschtown Substation project in Brecknock Township, Pa., in Lancaster County for PPL Utilities in February 2016. Due to permitting delays, the project had an aggressive six-week schedule. The scope of work included demolition of an existing house, land clearing, installation of environmental controls and construction of temporary access roads. North American Green erosion control products were used to stabilize the storm water drainage systems and protect a relocated stream.

During the first phase of the project, a small stream that ran through the middle of the property was relocated to the outside perimeter. Before any bulk excavation or grading on the site could be done, the stream had to be built, stabilized and tied in. BioNet SC150BN temporary straw/coconut blanket was used to protect the stream banks and aid in the natural revegetation of the site.

In other areas of the site, large channels were created to carry storm water runoff to sediment and infiltration basins. To protect the channels, VMax SC250 permanent turf reinforcement mats were installed on the channel side slopes. To protect the channel bottom, VMax P550 turf reinforcement mats were installed under ShoreMax scour transition mats. This erosion control system is designed to handle high-volume turbulent flows while promoting and sustaining vegetation.

To date, much of the erosion control work has been completed and is establishing vegetation over the summer. The hard work of the general and landscape contractors has resulted in the placement of 10,000 ft of sediment control logs, movement of 125,000 cu yd of dirt, installation of two box culverts and 500 ft of storm sewer, and building of one temporary sediment basin and one infiltration basin.