Bridge Construction Benefits From Vegetation

March 29, 2013

The scenic South Harpeth River near Nashville, Tenn., is one of the major tributaries of the Cumberland River. A private landowner needed to build a bridge over the river in order to improve access to his land. It was important to him to preserve the natural beauty of his mountain hideaway; he did not want to see riprap or boulders along the stream bank when it was finished. 

Gresham, Smith & partners worked with Filtrexx to design a vegetated solution using 3-in. sections of GroSoxx that were pre-seeded for rapid and sustained vegetation to stop the loss of sediment and prevent erosion after construction. 

Mid-TN Erosion Control installed the GroSoxx, which were pre-seeded with turf seed. It took five men only 11/2 days to install the GroSoxx along a 150-ft stretch of stream bank. The seed germinated within five days of installation and was fully vegetated within two weeks.