Emergency Erosion Repair Completed in 8 Days

Sept. 14, 2012

An evacuated apartment building’s foundations were jeopardized by a nearby creek, and residents were forced to leave their homes until installation of a 16-ft-tall Redi-Rock wall halted erosion of the creek.

“The end product made a substantial impact and improved the overall image of the development. It turned the liability of an encroaching stream into a visual asset,” said Jeff Barrow, P.E. and president of Civil Solutions Associates of Cincinnati.

“When we originally constructed the apartments, the creek was about 20 ft further away,” said the owner of the Dayton, Ohio-area apartment complex.

Barrow explained, “Residents had been losing green space over the last few years, but when the creek intrusion started affecting the parking lot and threatening the building foundations, something had to be done.”

Owners and engineers chose Redi-Rock for its gravity design, competitive pricing and fast installation.

“We needed a block design that would allow us to create a 16-ft-tall unreinforced slope without encroaching into the adjacent foundations or parking lot,” Barrow said.

The wall design included Redi-Rock 41-in. blocks and 9-in. setback blocks, which increase the wall’s batter, allowing a higher gravity wall to be built without requiring reinforcement. When completed, the wall stood 19.5 ft tall with 3 ft buried.

“When we ran the numbers, Redi-Rock was as economical as any other system we considered, and quite frankly, it was easier to install,” the apartment complex owner said. Installation of 5,100 sq ft of Redi-Rock walls was completed in eight days. The fast installation helped the owners get the evacuated residents back into their homes and protect their investment.

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