Heartwood Partners acquires NativeSeed Group

April 3, 2023
Heartwood acquired the provider of native seeds and erosion control products from Victor Schaff, who founded the business nearly 50 years ago.

Heartwood Partners LLC announced that it has acquired NativeSeed Group from founder Victor Schaff.

Headquartered in Carpinteria, California, NativeSeed Group is a provider of native seeds and erosion control products used in land reclamation and conservation, as well as various construction, commercial, and consumer applications. The company goes to market under various brands, including Granite Seed, S&S Seeds and Pacific Coast Seed, among others, each of which provides native seeds to landowners, energy companies, state & federal agencies, environmental engineers, and contractors, with a particularly strong presence throughout the Western U.S.

Additional brands such as Kamprath Seed and Bruce Seed serve the agriculture market with cover crop seed blends to assist in pollination and soil health. The company's Nature's Seed brand sells flower, turf, hunting, and grazing seed blends to homeowners, hobby farmers, and smaller rural landowners throughout the United States.

Schaff founded S&S Seeds nearly 50-years ago and grew the business organically and via acquisition. The management team that was assembled by Schaff will continue to lead the Company.

"We are extremely excited to partner with the Heartwood team given their experience investing in agriculture-related businesses and strong track record in growing niche businesses,” said Rob Wendell, NativeSeed Group's Chief Executive Officer. “We believe that Heartwood's operational expertise and industry experience will be key in refining and executing our strategic growth plan."

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