Looking Forward

Aug. 27, 2015

The idea of the future can be scary. We live in a world of great paradigm shifts, where weather patterns are becoming progressively unpredictable, market outlooks swing daily and political arguments continue to divide our nation. In light of the more negative aspects of our current era, imagining what the future might hold can breed pessimism.

But it’s important to look on the positive side, too, and see the good things that have come about in the past century and even in the past decade. Storm Water Solutions celebrated its 10th anniversary this year with a special issue in July, and as the editorial staff looked back on a decade of industry icons’ accomplishments, and forward, to the next generation of rising stars, it was easy to be optimistic about where we are headed. 

Technology continues to change rapidly, and while it can be hard to keep up, it has been a boon to this industry as new solutions are invented and the tried-and-tested standbys continue to improve and advance. As we look toward a future that is becoming increasingly uncertain, we will need an arsenal of ways to solve the challenges we will encounter. 

With this in mind, SWS presents its fourth annual Case Book, an issue entirely devoted to case studies that showcase problems and their solutions. This issue is meant to inspire you to seek unconventional answers to any challenges that your organization or facility might face in the near and distant future. SWS is prepared to guide you into another decade of success by helping you find solutions to new and old problems. I, for one, look forward to the future.

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