Evolution Theory

Sept. 25, 2013

Sometimes, change is good.

Not always, of course. Classic snafus like the Ford Edsel or New Coke are old standbys in arguments that denigrate change and reinvention. And while it is true that you shouldn’t always fix what isn’t broken, a little touchup can go a long way toward staying up to date in a world—and an industry—that can change by the day, for better or for worse.

It is in this spirit that we present to our readers a fresh look to SWS, including a new logo. Although it might look a little different now, the magazine will maintain the same mission to be a one-stop-shop resource for storm water and erosion control information, with the same commitment to delivering quality content. 

2014 will mark 10 years since the launch of SWS. Over the past decade, the magazine has matured and expanded alongside its industry, and has seen the same booms and busts of market fluctuations; increasingly stringent regulations; and ebb and flow (mostly ebb) of funding—but there also has been a great deal of innovation, with huge strides made in the technology and products that keep day-to-day operations running smoothly and solve unexpected problems, and it is those positive changes that keep us all in business and give us hope for a bright future. 

The next year promises to be a big one in terms of new and updated regulations as well as new and ever-improving technologies and resources to help meet those regulatory demands. SWS’ revamp affirms its dedication to staying current and keeping a close eye on any changes, big and small, that affect our industry in both the short and long term.

Life runs in cycles, and change is inevitable. We have to remember that keeping an open but informed mind to the way our industry and our world evolve is the way to ensure future success.

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