Union City, Calif., Replaces Manhole Frames & Lids

Sept. 4, 2013

The Union Sanitary District, located in Union City, Calif., acquired Mr. Manhole tools and training to speed up the process of systematically removing and replacing its manhole frames and lids. The system enabled the removal of the district’s manhole frames from the roads in just minutes with no manual labor. The equipment operates on a skid-steer, which most municipal groups already have in their fleets. 

The manhole frame can quickly be removed and rebuilt using the rebuilding system, which is fully engineered to ensure that it is always level with the road surface. This reduces inflow and infiltration by completely stopping leakage in the chimney section of the manhole.

The replacement manhole frames will show a return on investment time of a little more than two years and will keep paying dividends for the life of the structure due to treatment cost savings. 

Ton Herlihy of the Union Sanitary District at first was skeptical of the claims regarding product performance, even after watching an online Mr. Manhole video. His doubts vanished, however, upon receiving a demonstration of a 27-in. manhole being cut out, removed in one piece (grade rings and all), reset and finished to grade with the tolerance of a paper business card in less than an hour.

“Our organization never stops looking for the safest, most accurate and efficient means of doing business,” Herlihy said. “We consider innovation and technology to be an integral part of our overall ‘work smarter’ business strategy. Apart from this, we have been witness to many manufacturers who make outlandish claims about how well their products perform. Yet every now and again, we encounter one that not only lives up to its billing, but actually exceeds our expectations.” 

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