EPA launches new Land Use and Green Infrastructure Scorecard

Oct. 19, 2023
An update to the 2009 Water Quality Scorecard, EPA’s new Land Use and Green Infrastructure Scorecard provides guidance for municipalities to implement green stormwater infrastructure practices.

The U.S. EPA has recently launched the Land Use and Green Infrastructure Scorecard, a new guidance document to help municipalities protect water resources with the help of green infrastructure practices.

The document is an update and improvement to the Water Quality Scorecard, which was published in 2009. The new scorecard builds on this older document, adding more information about community engagement, equity, climate change, and the added benefits of green infrastructure practices.

The scorecard guides municipalities in implementing both regulatory and non-regulatory approaches, from land use planning to capital investment policies and more.

The document divides the tools and policies it provides into four categories:

  1. Plan and engage
  2. Remove barriers
  3. Adopt inventives
  4. Enact regulations

The scorecard itself it organized into five sections, each with their own unique subsections:

1. Protect Natural Resources

1A. Upland Natural Resources
1B. Water Resources & Riparian Buffers
1C. Multi-Functional Open Space
1D. Street Trees & Urban Forest Canopy

2. Compact Development

2A. Infill & Redevlopment
2B. Mixed-Use Development

3. Green Streets

3A. Street Widths
3B. Street Stormwater

4. Effective Parking

4A. Parking Space Requirements
4B. Driveways
4C. Transportation demand Management
4D. Parking Lot Landscaping

5. Stormwater Management

5A. Green Infrastructure Practices
5B. Off-Site Stormwater Management & Fee-in-Lieu Practices
5C. Long-Term Operation & Maintenance

In addition to the scorecard to guide municipalities' practices, the document also features a Resources section. This section shares hyperlinks to 47 inter-agency resources for smart growth, hazard mitigation, environmental justice and more.

Read the full document here.

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