Deadline Tomorrow, 8-14: Register Your Business for California’s New Stormwater Industrial General Permit

Aug. 13, 2015

The deadline to submit your information under the new California stormwater Industrial General Permit is tomorrow, Friday, August 14. Existing and new stormwater dischargers—including many that were exempt under the previous permit—are now required to provide their information. If your business fails to register by the close of business tomorrow (August 14), it faces significant penalties, including fines of up to $5,000 per day.

Businesses previously required to obtain permit coverage in California include manufacturing facilities, mining operations, disposal sites, recycling yards, transportation facilities, and many other industrial facilities. Effective tomorrow, thousands of businesses that were exempt under the previous permit need to file this information if their Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code now appears on the list of regulated industries. To see if your SIC code is covered under the new permit requirements, take a look at the list of applicable SIC codes here for a list of applicable SIC codes to see if yours is covered under the new permit.

All information must be submitted electronically through the SMARTS (Stormwater Multiple Application and Report Tracking System) database. Click this link to register or log in to SMARTS. Click here for an FAQ on the new permit and how to get started with SMARTS.

Please forward this to anyone you believe may be affected by the new permit.