Oct. 6, 2016
IN-SITU INC.The SMARTROLL Handheld systems combine industry-leading water-quality sensors with revolutionary smartphone mobility, eliminating the need for bulky, expensive handheld meters. Customers can connect the SMARTROLL Multiparameter or RDO Probe to an iOS Battery Pack or Android Power Pack, launch the mobile app, and start reading results. There is no warmup time or tedious setup. The mobile app guides through spot checks, calibrations, and data management. Real-time results can be emailed from the field, logged to a smartphone, or exported on the
GREYLINE INSTRUMENTS INC.The ISM 5.0 accurately measures flow of conductive liquids in full pipes. It installs through a tap in the pipe wall and works on a wide range of pipe sizes. The dual-electrode sensor and continuous auto-zero function provides high accuracy—even at low flow rates. ISM 5.0 features include electromagnetic with no moving parts; simplified hot tap insertion design; installs in 3- to 72-inch (80- to 1,800-mm)-diameter pipes; selectable 4- to 20-mA, 0- to 5-V, or 0- to 10-V output; 0- to 500-Hz frequency output; and scalable pulse
FAIRCLOTH SKIMMERFaircloth Skimmer surface drains float on the surface of the sediment basin as it fills and drains, releasing the cleanest water near the surface instead of draining muddy water from the bottom as conventional outlets do. It drains the basin slowly over several days at a constant rate to maximize settling. The adjustable orifice regulates the filling and drawdown of the basin and improves
ORIGINCLEAROriginClear’s Electro Water Separation (EWS) uses electricity to coagulate and float suspended solids and oils out of wastewater. OEMs can also select the complementary Advanced Oxidation stage to remove dissolved organic contaminants, and convert toxic chemicals such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. The combined technology, EWS:AOx, is compact, energy-efficient, continuous process and easy to manage. In most scenarios, it uses no chemicals, and adds no contaminants to the water it treats. The system can be licensed to complement any water treatment process, unclogging the wastestream ahead of filters and membranes to improve performance and extend their
CLEARWATER INDUSTRIES INC.The CW2500RPC-CRS is a portable clarifier designed for stormwater treatment. Stormwater, up to 800 gpm, is lifted out of a pond with the onboard trash pump. The system includes a flocculant preparation unit specialized for use of a clay flocculant. The flocculant provides liquid solids separation, pH correction, and even removal of heavy metals. Settled solids are collected and removed for waste or storage. The package is fully automated with adjustable set point to ensure discharge water is meeting discharge permit
PLASTIC SOLUTIONS INC.Plastic Solutions Inc. was founded in 1997 with the vision to supply structural plastic trash racks to the storm water management industry. Since then, a significant amount of research and development has gone into product testing—including load testing, UV resistance, flammability, resin additives, and water flow restriction requirements—all with excellent results. Today Plastic Solutions supplies high-quality, industry-leading trash racks, and also sells HDPE pipe, HDPE fittings, ChamberMaxx pipe, PVC pipe, plastic catch and drain basins, and plastic sheet
CULTEC INC.CULTEC Inc. is a family-owned and operated company with experience in the drainage industry for over 65 years. As the manufacturer of Contactor and Recharger Plastic Septic and Stormwater Chambers, CULTEC offers the largest variety of sizes to fit almost any site requirement. Recently, CULTEC’s Recharger 902HD chamber was utilized at Marion Elementary School in Chambersburg, PA, to satisfy stormwater management requirements. Due to an existing septic system onsite, the units needed to be designed around a confined installation area. As one of the largest stormwater chambers available, the 902HD model stands at 48 inches high and has a bare chamber storage capacity of 17.66 ft³/
VACTOR MANUFACTURINGVactor Manufacturing offers a patented water recycling system available exclusively as an option for the Vactor 2100 Plus combination sewer cleaner. The system reuses water already in the sewer to clean sewer lines, eliminating the need for clean water and saving thousands of gallons of clean water in every shift. The five-stage filtration system combines settling, centrifugal separation and absolute filtration to 100-micron particle sizes, preventing most abrasive solids from entering the jetting system. A monitoring system for the 100-micron filter and an automated filter cleaning system are
2GH SOLUTIONS LLCThe Hydrovex TTT is a flow regulator for use in stormwater systems, which works on the Bernoulli principle and can be used to achieve nearly constant flow. A high-quality resilient membrane is fitted over a PVC tube with specially shaped openings on each side. As water flows through the TTT, the pressure in its interior is reduced and causes the membrane to press into the openings through the pipe, thereby reducing the area of flow and limiting the rate. The TTT has a proven track record of performance dating back to
UNI-GROUP USAManufactured nationwide by local UNI manufacturers, Eco-Priora permeable interlocking concrete pavers infiltrate stormwater runoff and save money by combining parking and detention. Eco-Priora reduces impacts on combined storm/sewer systems, mitigates runoff volumes and peak flows, and qualifies for LEED and other green rating systems credits. Eco-Priora is available in rectangle and square styles with patented interlocking spacers that offer superior structural stability under traffic loading and withstand turning movements without surface degradation or
BEST MANAGEMENT PRODUCTS INC.BMP’s new “Marina Kit” comes with a 12-inch SNOUT and a Bio-Skirt to help waterfront facilities clean up their most troublesome pollutants—trash and oil. The SNOUT is simple—it acts as a baffle. When installed in a sump catch basin, it skims the floatable trash off of the surface and allows heavier materials to sink to the bottom. The Bio-Skirt is a floating skirted-boom, which attaches to the SNOUT to target hydrocarbons, like emulsified oils and
AP/M PERMAFORMEvery stormwater rehabilitation project has its unique challenges—from severe structural damage to emergency repairs to save a roadway, or preventing a reservoir from collapsing and flooding nearby neighborhoods or towns. Cities, counties, and DOTs have discovered the benefits of CentriPipe—a centrifugally cast concrete pipe solution pioneered by AP/M Permaform—for their critical pipe repair and maintenance programs involving 36 inches and larger CMP, brick, and RCP pipes of all
STORMCHAMBERHydroLogic Solutions, manufacturer of StormChambers, in conjunction with the Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation, has obtained a grant from the Virginia DOT to provide Boy Scouts with onsite learning experiences on stormwater management. The grant is associated with the expansion of the I-95 express lanes in Northern Virginia. The Boy Scouts will learn about stormwater effects on the Chesapeake Bay with boat tours by Chesapeake Watermen. They will experience the source of those effects with visits to construction sites within the I-95 express lane expansion corridor as well as participate in the installation of stormwater management BMPs being installed by Angler

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