Product Showcase Jan/Feb 2023

Dec. 19, 2022

Compliance, Operations Data Management 

Aquatic Informatics’ Rio is a cloud-based compliance and operations data management solution for water and wastewater utilities. Using secure cloud infrastructure, Rio provides operators with visibility and access to action Lab, SCADA, field, and other data sources from any device. By centralizing operations and compliance within an online environment, water operators can track critical metrics, visualize trends, and use customizable alerts to proactively address problems. Rio produces regulatory reports for both drinking and waste water utilities including net discharge monitoring, monthly operating, surface water treatment rule, disinfection byproducts, and distribution bacteriological reports. All reports and data are retained and encrypted, creating a defensible, easily accessible repository. 

Aquatic Informatics 


Collaboration Software Suite 

Bentley Systems has unveiled enhancements to ProjectWise, a suite of engineering project collaboration software products, to extend its scope from work-in-progress engineering to full digital delivery. ProjectWise now features new project portfolio, program management, and digital twin capabilities. The suite leverages Bentley’s iTwin for many of its new features, including 4D design review, advanced design validation, and reality modeling data integration. The suite has also improved its digital delivery capabilities, leveraging digital workflows to automate and manage the creation, exchange, and review of contractual deliverables, including PDFs, Industry Foundation Classes, or digital twins. 

Bentley Systems 


Lamella Clarifier 

Xylem’s new Leopold Texler lamella clarifier uses hydrophobic geotextile, a woven HDPE which naturally repels water and reduces the need for cleaning. Lamella sheets are installed at an inclined 55° angle to significantly expand the clarification surface area. Solids settle on the lamella sheets as water flows through trough covers featuring an integrated v-notch weir, resulting in even distribution of flow throughout the clarifier. As a result, water treatment capacity of existing rectangular clarification systems can be increased by up to 100%, with over 80% reduction in solids and turbidity values starting as low as 1 NTU. 



Portable Meter Kits 

Environmental Express has recently released its lineup of new Oakton 100 Series Portable Handheld Meter Kits. With a compact design and carrying case, they are ideal for use out in the field and in the laboratory. Five different kits are available. Each kit is designed for specific testing and includes one meter and compatible components. The portable kits include: the pH Meter Kit, Conductivity Meter Kit, Ion Meter Kit, pH/Conductivity Meter Kit and DO Meter Kit. All meters are designed with a built-in microprocessor chip that enables auto calibration, auto temperature compensation, parameter setting, self-diagnosis, auto power-off and low-battery reminders. 

Environmental Express 


Sustainability Management System 

AiDash has launched its Intelligent Sustainability Management System (ISMS) to help companies achieve their sustainability goals. The new ISMS SaaS solution could enable customers to eliminate frequent land surveys that are currently performed manually. Providers with large landholdings face the challenge of using traditional on the ground surveying methods to accurately map the land type and understand and measure the biodiversity level of each habitat. The ISMS ‘Land’ module uses an AI-backed image analysis for systematic mapping, planning and assessing land enhancements, and quantifies biodiversity to plan sustainable land development and restoration initiatives. 



Groundwater Sampling System 

Q.E.D. Environmental Systems’ Snap Sampler® passive groundwater sampling system is available with a new 250 ml bottle and module in addition to the existing 125 and 350 ml modules and 40 ml VOA vial. Up to 1.5 liters can be sampled with a series of six 250 ml modules, and modules of all sizes can be mixed and matched in a series of up to six modules to allow for maximum flexibility. The system delivers a PFAS-free alternative for groundwater sampling and enables fast sampling with no limitations on analyte testing. It also uses unique sample bottles with snap sealing caps that are set open at both ends. The bottles are loaded into individual Snap Sampler modules that can be stacked in series to match sampling requirements. Water within the well screen zone moves through the bottles and reaches equilibrium with formation water moving through the well. 

Q.E.D. Environmental Systems 


Ammonium/nitrate Analyzers 

Designed to monitor nitrogen (NH4) as ammonium or as nitrate, the family of HYDRA-DS Analyzers from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) simplifies the accurate measurement of harmful nutrients in wastewater treatment effluent flows and in surface water storage systems, including ponds, lakes, reservoirs, canals and streams. ECD’s family of HYDRA-DS Analyzers features a precision ion selective electrode (ISE) sensor, which is designed for multiple parameter nutrient nitrogen water quality measurements. This double-duty ISE sensor connects with either ECD’s intelligent T80 Transmitter or LQ800 Multi-Channel Transmitter, for effective and economical nutrient management. The HYDRA-DS family of plug and play analyzers relies on ISE sensors with digital signal conditioners for trouble-free measurement. They include auto-compensation circuitry for interfering ions and temperature compensation, rugged PVC construction with easily replaceable electrodes, and a built-in spray cleaner that minimizes expensive technician maintenance for low total cost of ownership. 

Electro-Chemical Devices