Old Beechwold Neighborhood Improvements Seek To Mitigate Flooding

Nov. 30, 2022

As part of the Columbis, Ohio, Wet Weather Management Plan, and to combat erosion and ponding, The Old Beechwold Neighborhood Improvements project sought to mitigate flooding and protect and improve water quality.  

Old Beechwold is comprised of historic architecture and is part of the National Register of Historic Places. Thus, one of the project challenges was to preserve the historic quality of the neighborhood while installing new infrastructure. The project team reached a compromise with residents who were concerned about visual impacts. The team used existing park space for bioretention basins in lieu of placing bioretention in individual front yards. In turn, neighborhood representatives provided the project collaborators with feedback on indigenous plantings for the basins.  

The project’s anticipated benefits include reducing the pollutant loading in nearby streams by treating stormwater via green infrastructure; restoring collection system capacity by reducing the amount of stormwater that reaches the sanitary sewer system, and; creating economic opportunities for the local workforce. 

The infrastructure components in this project include the installation of specific storm sewer pipe due to proximity to water lines and an onsite arborist to assist with root cutting of existing trees. Additionally, cascade pools were designed to reduce erosion at storm sewer outlets and blend in with the scenic ravine. Trenchless construction is being used in select locations to preserve landmark trees. 

“This is a project where our thoughtful approach to visible features (cascades, plantings, bioretention basins) paid off – the features should truly be a neighborhood asset,” TK said. “The improvements will provide significant environmental benefit for decades to come.” 

Location: Columbus, Ohio 

Cost: ~ $7,000,000  

Size: ~10,000 LF 12" - 30" storm sewer, 4,300 SF of custom bioretention basins, ~7,000 LF waterline replacement 

Owner: City of Columbus, Ohio 

Designer: Elizabeth Ehret, T&M Associates 

Contractors: Elite Excavating of Ohio Inc.