Hydraulic Directional Drilling Aids in South Jensen Stormwater Retrofit

Nov. 30, 2022

In order to reduce the roadway and property flooding on Northeast Elaine Street in Jensen Beach, Florida, the Martin County Public Works Department worked with other industry professionals to implement a new solution to installing gravity drainage pipes by use of hydraulic directional drilling (HDD). The team had to ensure that the pipe had a steady slope to support gravity drainage and that the pilot bore was accurate to maintain clearances from multiple major water and sewer lines.  

The neighborhood is separated from the Indian River by a large sand ridge, which is developed with roadways and homes. When extreme rains hit, the system previously backed up and caused property damage, along with impacting the road up with to two feet of standing water.  

“Previously this was looked at as something that was too difficult & expensive to construct. We then took the idea of HDD and found it would be cost effective,” TK said. “The project also protects people’s homes from flooding. This also fixed one of our most vulnerable flooding areas.”

This project is estimated to eliminate home flooding for up to a 100-year or greater frequency rain events for residents within the neighborhood. The project was substantially completed on September 22, 2022. About a week later, the pipe system was tested when extreme rains from Hurrican Ian hit the area on September 28. The properties and roadway stayed safe, according to the project team, and the new system worked as designed.  

Location: Jensen Beach, Florida 

Cost: $735,925 

Size: 10,000 gpm  

Owner: Martin County, Florida

Manager & Designer: Nicholas Muzia 

Contractors: Ferreria Construction & Centerline Directional Drilling Services \

Manufacturers: ISCO Industries, MWI Corporation &Concrete Products Inc