Pond Retrofit Brings Data Shift to Vermont

Nov. 30, 2022

Similar to other New England waterbodies, Engelsby Brook has been undergoing restoration efforts. One such effort for the brook was the retrofit of a stormwater basin, called “08 Pond,” a wet detention pond collecting runoff from 131.5 acres, which is 21.7% of the Engelby Brook watershed. Recent advances in technology made the team pivot from their original plan. 

To optimize the flow through the 08 Pond, the City of Burlington, Vermont, chose to enhance the basin with continuous monitoring and adaptive control technology (CMAC). At the site, CMAC automatically draws down the pond below the normal pool in advance of storms and allows the pond to fill up targeting zero discharge during events and performs a post- storm release. Model results show an up to 80% reduction in peak discharge during the 1-year storm is possible using CMAC at 08 Pond.  

To overcome water level challenges, a stilling well design was also created at the site, which, at a 90-degree angle, makes it easier for the team to maintain the sensor, monitor the full depth of the pond, and prevent the need to extended construction. 

“This project will make for a healthier downstream water system and play a role in improving quality of life in Burlington through smarter stormwater management,” TK said.  

The team also said this project, which was funded in part by a 50% match State of Vermont Ecosystem Restoration Program Grant (2019-ERP-M-3-12), represents a shift toward data-driven stormwater management.  

“Burlington, with the support of its residents, has continued to prioritize the protection of our water resources which in turn allows us to implement new technologies, “ TK said. “This privileged position will hopefully help pave the way for more Vermont municipalities to consider innovative and cost saving technologies for their water quality needs.” 

Location: Burlington, Vermont 

Cost: $150,000 

Size: 131.5 acres of drainage area 

Owner: City of Burlington 

Manager: James Sherrard 

Designer: Dayton Marchese 

Contractors: OptiRTC, Fitzgerald Environmental Associates & EcoSolutions 

Manufacturers: OptiRTC, Rotork, PMC, Davis