Storage System Aids Filtration at William Ranch

Nov. 30, 2022

The large underground infiltration system at Williams Ranch in Castaic, CA was originally designed as a plastic arch system that had an enormous footprint, posed constructability issues for the contractor, and maintainability issues for the end user.

The second type of system that was considered was a large diameter corrugated metal pipe system, which was very costly, difficult to access and maintain, and had a lead-time months long.

Emerging after an extensive value engineering process, the StormPrism EQ precast storage system was selected because of price, lead time, constructability, and maintenance.

Williams Homes, the developer, ended up with a system that met the regulation, cost less, and will last longer than the other systems that were considered initially.

LA County, the agency that will assume responsibility for ongoing operation and maintenance of the SPEQ system, ended up with a system that will be easy and safe to access and maintain.

The contractor, who played a big role in the value engineering process, ended up with a system that was simple and fast to install, which ended up saving months of time for that portion of the underground utility work.

Volume Provided: 565,000 CF Footprint: 160’ X 320’

System Type: Infiltration Number of Modules: 400

System Height: 11 feet

Number of Walls: 120




July 11, 2022