Editorial Letter: A New Beginning

May 16, 2022
This editorial letter originally appeared in Storm Water Solutions May/June 2022 issue.

Spring tends to signify growth and new beginnings, and though you’re reading this as spring comes to a close, I am writing it mid-April when a spring storm is rolling its way through Chicago. It is a season of change for sure. The snow is gone and the sunshine is on its way.

It feels appropriate, then, that this issue features our Young Pros and Industry Icon. These 10 Young Pros and our Industry Icon touch on how they only see the storm water and erosion control industry growing and evolving, and one of the keys to those is education.

As Industry Icon Marc Theisen discussed with me, he enjoys being a mentor to those in the industry because he can pass down his legacy knowledge. And this year’s class of Young Pros are poised to accept that knowledge and help propel the industry forward. I hope you enjoy learning more about this year’s Young Pros and Industry Icon. I’ve spoken with each of them and am inspired by their passion for this industry, and I think you will be too. Each of these professionals will be featured in our weekly Dropping By video series throughout the summer. Through those interviews, you can learn more about them. All the videos can be found at estormwater.com/droppingby.

Speaking of growth, in April, Endeavor Business Media acquired the Scranton Gillette Communications Infrastructure Group, which includes Storm Water Solutions, along with fellow water publications Water & Wastes Digest and Water Quality Products. We are excited to continue being a resource and elevating our content to evolve with the industry. This acquisition will bring more opportunities for us to leverage our print and digital products, and we’re eager to get started. If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected].

About the Author

Katie Johns

Katie Johns, editor-in-chief of Storm Water Solutions and Water Quality Products, graduated from the University of Missouri in 2016 with a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. Johns joined the Storm Water Solutions team in September 2019. Johns also helps plan the annual StormCon conference and co-hosts the Talking Under Water podcast. Prior to entering the B2B industry, she worked as a newspaper reporter and editor in Sarasota, Florida, and a magazine assistant editor in the Chicago suburbs. She can be reached at [email protected].