The Elgin Broom Bear: Powerful & Proven with Customer-Driven Innovation

Nov. 12, 2021

Elgin’s Broom Bear mechanical street sweeper is a proven platform and considered to be the most rugged and efficient in the market. Combating everything from heavy construction to light street maintenance, the Elgin Broom Bear can handle it all. Its large hopper, variable dump height, sizeable water tank, patented squeegee-chevron belt interchangeability, powerful single-engine power plant and easy-to-operate nature make it a top choice for municipalities and contractors.

Elgin delivers a promise to preserve the environment while helping community leaders reach green initiative goals. The result is platform variant that improves air quality, mitigates climate change and reduces the carbon footprint for Broom Bear end users, The Elgin Hybrid Broom Bear. Elgin’s proven Broom Bear platform receives a high-capacity battery system equipped with a battery management system that can be recharged while driving or when plugged into an electrical outlet. Years of research and development revealed a complete understanding of the various emission standards that exist in certain geographies hence Elgin offers compressed natural gas and diesel engine powerplants for new hybrid variant. Currently available to the marketplace, Elgin’s innovative packaging of the high-capacity battery system and CNG or diesel engine make the Hybrid Broom Bear a fully certified EPA/CARB emission standards single-engine street sweeper that consumes dramatically less fuel relative to the conventionally powered Broom Bear all while delivering uncompromised performance.

Considering there is a national truck driver shortage, increased opportunities with similar wages and a pandemic, contractors and muni’s are struggling to find CDL workers to operate their machinery, to keep up with the demand to maintain local infrastructures.  Staying atop market trends and adversities, Elgin brings to market the non-CDL Broom Bear 26K GVW mechanical street sweeper. The non-CDL Broom Bear variant delivers uncompromised performance from the proven platform by competitively reducing water capacity and adding lightweight wheels. Additional upgrades to the variant are forthcoming and will surely enhance end user’s productivity and uptime.

Simply put, Elgin’s Broom Bear mechanical sweeper variants not only offer uncompromised performance but also delivers unwavering support for sustainability initiatives conveyed by contractors and municipalities in cities across the globe.

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