Mission Releases New Sewer Overflow System

June 23, 2021

Avoid spills with surcharge and high-level notifications from the Manhole Monitor Plus.

The Manhole Monitor Plus is our latest sewer overflow alarm and tracking system. Floats tipped by surcharges and high levels signal Mission servers to initiate notifications via phone call, email, text message, fax, and pager. It offers expanded data collection via two digital inputs from either electromechanical or optical floats.

The Manhole Monitor Plus features our game-changing RMDT1 radio; which supports multiple cellular carriers with an embedded SIM. This allows the device to switch cellular carriers as needed to ensure the best signal for reliable data transmission. There are no radios to program, cellular contracts to set up, or software programs to buy. Dual SIM (active/active) configurations are available for added high availability benefits.

The downward facing bell shaped IP 68 rated enclosure features double seals for the ultimate environmental protection. The intrinsically safe device is injected molded from carbon fiber ABS plastic and third party certified for use in hazardous sewer environments. The highly efficient electronic circuitry is powered by a high ampacity field replaceable lantern battery. Under normal CSO, SSO monitoring applications the system can operate over 5 years on one battery.

The top facing e-paper display shows the last information reported and can be viewed without removal of the device from the bracket. A built-in photodetector (light sensor) can be used to generate a vandal alarm notification when lid is removed.

The device installs in the chimney of the manhole using a versatile mounting bracket that accommodates the float cables and can be adapted to sloping walls. The in-ground antenna is installed adjacent to the manhole. Antenna and float terminations are home runs eliminating the exposure of the harsh environment to terminations. Installation can be completed with common tools and does not require manhole cover modifications or entry into the manhole.

The Mission service includes all communications, data storage, alarm call-outs, reports, and technical support. Alarm conditions are recorded and reported in real-time while device health status is transmitted daily. All data and reports can be accessed from any web-enabled device, and the data is archived forever. No engineering or programming is required. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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