CheckMate® Ultraflex® In-Line Check Valves Protect Public Works Facility Yard

Sept. 30, 2021

The City of Hampton, VA, Public Works - Stormwater Division was experiencing chronic issues with flooding in their facility yard due to the lack of efficiency of the existing drainage system during heavy rain events and high tides (backflow from the downstream channel). The flooding had been an on-going problem for the area many years, but in the past five years, as with virtually all coastal areas, frequency and severity of storms and flooding had become much more severe. At some events, the flooding became so severe that employees could not get their vehicles to the gas pumps located in the middle of the Public Works facility yard.

Hampton’s Public Works Stormwater Division was tasked with finding a solution to help mitigate the flooding. After consulting with the stormwater experts at Flomec, a representative of Red Valve Company, the Stormwater Division selected (2) 42” CheckMate® UltraFlex® In-Line Check Valves on a thimble plate to install on the existing 8’ x 4’ concrete culvert under Armistead Ave North. 

According to Ron Evins, Flomec Principal, “Hampton officials had looked at various options to solve this flooding problem over the years. We have seen this type of flooding become more and more common in recent times, and without question, the CheckMate® Ultraflex® In-Line Check Valve has become our ‘go-to’ to help with solving this problem once and for all.”

The Checkmate® UltraFlex® Valves were easily installed onto the existing culvert, requiring minor modifications to the structure’s downstream end. In this case, the CheckMate® UltraFlex® Valves were factory-installed into a thimble plate, which was then bolted and installed to the modified downstream end of the culvert. 

“They’re easy to install and maintenance-free. The results are consistently impressive,” said Quincy Daniel, Stormwater Operations Manager, City of Hampton Public Works.

In this installation, (2) 42” CheckMate® UltraFlex® In-Line Check Valves work in tandem to prevent unwanted backflow in the culvert that can cause surges and flooding. Strategically placed reinforcing ribs, segmented pads and the patented “Arc Notch” bill within the CheckMate’s elastomer unibody design of the in-line CheckMate® Valves make them extremely long-lasting and an excellent choice for a multitude of in-line applications. The installed valves significantly improves the effect of backflow from the downstream channel.

As a result of the CheckMate® UltraFlex®  installation, The City of Hampton Public Works’ facility yard is now protected against some rainfall events and has experienced no major flooding, protecting employee vehicles and the gas pumps located within the yard.

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