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March 12, 2008

Rogue Valley Sewer Services (RVS) in Jackson County, Ore., provides and maintains all sewer and storm drain systems in the area and helps provide for the health, safety and welfare of area residents as professionally and cost-effectively as possible. A key part of this endeavor was the Jewett Elementary School project in Central Point, Ore.

A crucial outfall of the local watershed drains storm runoff into Mingus Creek at the Jewett Elementary School. Because of its potential for pollution transfer, this area needed to be retrofitted with a best management practice (BMP) to reduce the amount of pollutants entering Mingus Creek. These pollutants stemmed from recently built out commercial and industrial areas.

The lead engineer for this project was RVS’ Maynard Flohaug. At the beginning of the project, Maynard determined that an optional online-offline BMP was needed. Maynard went online and accessed a library of available BMPs, where he found six possible vendors from which he solicited proposals. Maynard determined that three of the six could handle the job and do it cost-effectively.

When RVS received the bids from the contractors, a serious problem surfaced: The project was over budget. Six months of debate passed before RVS decided to do the contracting itself. RVS then called Environment 21 , one of the three vendors that could perform the job, to see if the company would honor its bid from more than six months ago. Environment 21 acquiesced, and the project was on its way.

Implementing Solutions

The Environment 21 engineering team determined in discussion with RVS that the company’s Unistorm Online was the best device to use. Engineers from the company would complete the entire design.

Wilbert Precast, an Environment 21 affiliate, was chosen to manufacture and deliver the Unistorm Online . With Brock Materne of Wilbert Precast as the point of contact, the schedule was put into place and the project was underway.

A unique situation presented itself at the onset. Power lines directly above the site, coupled with the weight of the Unistorm Online , made crane work difficult. However, Environment 21 was able to design the product to fit the project without compromising time constraints, product cost or installation cost.

Project Outcome

The Unistorm Online was cast, delivered and installed without a hitch. The service supplied by Environment 21 staff and Wilbert Precast was excellent, according to Flohaug. “[The] structure was delivered within the time frame, and RVS had no problem installing [it],” he said.

Maynard said the company was helpful in meeting the project’s time frame and keeping RVS posted on the delivery date and time. He added that he would use Environment 21 for future projects.

The efforts of RVS, Wilbert Precast and Environment 21 assured the project was completed ahead of schedule and helped keep Mingus Creek clean.

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