Power Over Water

July 30, 2009

International Place, a six-story office building in Shelton, Conn., needed additional parking to serve its tenants’ needs. The existing storm water management system, however, was based on traditional pond detention and did not allow for the parking lot to be expanded.

Subsurface Solution

Triton Stormwater Solutions worked with the development’s engineers to custom-design an underground storm water management system, eliminating the restrictive space demands of above-ground storage. Triton’s chamber design results in a chamber that rivals metal pipe for strength but is lightweight and simple to install. It allowed International Place to construct a parking lot on top of its storm water management system, saving space and money.

Triton’s proprietary design and patented construction offers larger-capacity, lighter-weight, easier-to-install storm water chambers that are more than 50 percent stronger than traditional products. The company’s storm water chambers have 46 percent greater capacity per linear foot and withstand 16,000 more lb of pressure than traditional chambers, according to independent tests. A key feature is that each chamber weighs only 32 lb, enabling workers to carry two or three at a time.

Space Savings & Storage Volume

By utilizing the Triton chambers, the developers were able to save enough space to construct two parking lots, creating nearly 24,000 sq ft of additional parking area—enough to accommodate 140 cars. More than 650 chambers were used on the project, resulting in 33,000 cu ft of storm water storage volume. A four-man crew installed the Triton chambers in less than one day.

Along with the Triton chambers’ strength and lightweight design, their storage-volume advantage over other underground systems was important. “It was very specific where we could place the chambers, so we needed the maximum amount of storage in a small space,” said Ron Scinto of R.D. Scinto Development. “I would definitely use Triton again.”

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