Area-Velocity Flowmeters Used for Flow Studies & Permitted Discharge

Sept. 13, 2017

Design engineers developing flow capacity in storm water systems for Thurston County, Wash., need to know if their design is effective during and after construction. In addition, in applications that require permitted discharge, they need to measure flow accurately to avoid overpayment.

By utilizing the Stingray portable level-velocity logger, Thurston County is able to deploy meters a year before construction (the design phase), as well as one year after construction to evaluate the pre- construction and post-construction periods. Once deployed, the user can download the log information without entering a manhole.

Additionally, by using the Greyline Area-Velocity Flow Meter (AVFM), Thurston County can have a permanently mounted solution in its permitted discharge sites.

Prior to installation of the AVFM metering system, the plant operator used an interpolated chart to average how much wastewater was flowing into the municipal system. This method resulted in overpayment by thousands of dollars per year. Payments are now made by submitting exact volume measurements that can be verified.

“I don't hesitate to use the Greyline products and have always had good luck with the quality and results of the Greyline products,” said Mark Biever, environmental monitoring program supervisor for Thurston County. “Thanks for the good work and the years of success we have had with Greyline and [its] local representatives.”