Internal Joint Seal Solves Sewer Line Inflow & Infiltration

Sept. 6, 2016

municipality in the Midwest installed a new 36-in. sewer line, but still faced problems. Though the sewer line was new, inflow and infiltration (I&I) of water at the pipe joints prevented the system from being put into service. 

The municipality reviewed several options to return the system to service. These included replacing the entire pipe system, lining the pipe system or sealing the joints. After evaluating lead time, cost and job duration, the municipality selected the HydraTite internal joint seal.

For this project, 473 pipe joints required sealing. The sealing system also needed to meet the expected head pressure of a 100-year flood. HydraTech used the standard seal system with a middle band to reinforce the joint seal in the case of such an event. 

Once the city approved the repair, an aggressive schedule was put in place. The seals were fabricated and installed in a six-week period. After the seals were installed, the I&I issues were eliminated and the system was approved and put into service.