Realizing Resources

May 12, 2008

In the booming and ever-evolving storm water industry, one can never tap too many resources, whether personal contacts, literature, events, association memberships or some combination thereof.

“Learning is not attained by chance,” Abigail Adams once said, “it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” Apply this wise woman’s words in day-to-day industry operations, and you will quickly find yourself enjoying work and achieving success more than ever. Some tips and tricks to consider:

Personal contacts. Put yourself out there. Make a conscious effort to remember names, faces and conversations. Jotting notes on business cards or in an address book shortly after encounters can help immensely. Follow up on promises and keep in touch. Due to the challenges time and distance can pose, explore online networking opportunities such as LinkedIn.

Literature. If you are reading this, you probably invest time in learning from others’ storm water experiences via industry-specific publications. Surf the Web for relevant guides and textbooks as well; they are out there, and many cover specific market segments in great detail. Pick up pamphlets and handouts at tradeshows—the key here being getting the materials home, opened and read. Keep them on hand for quick reference and flag content of particular value and interest.

Events. In today’s “plugged-in” society, it is essential to sometimes come out from behind the computer screen, switch the phone to silent and join in good old-fashioned gatherings. Tradeshows, workshops, lectures and the like provide continuing education, highlight new methods and technologies and encourage stimulating interaction with like-minded peers. Check the events calendar for upcoming opportunities.

Association memberships. Joining an industry association, be it local or international, exposes one to a wealth of people, literature and special events. Membership is an excellent way to keep up to date on the latest trends and regulations, develop relationships with other dedicated professionals, contribute to public education efforts and other forward-thinking initiatives—to feel good about your line of work.

The SWS editorial staff is proud to present the publication’s first-annual-edition Source Book, a handy resource featuring all the products/services and company information you will need in the year to come. Make the most of its category-specific case studies, too, as you plan for and implement storm water solutions on the job. SWS, its Web products and staff are always here for you as resources.

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