Honoring Innovation

Nov. 21, 2023
This month's editorial letter reflects on 2023 and this year's Top Projects.

I am always surprised when the time comese around for me to write the final editorial letter of the year. In my last letter of 2022, I was explaining all the changes Stormwater Solutions was going through and how those would roll out over 2023. As many of you recall, in 2023, Storm Water Solutions and Stormwater magazines merged and rebranded into Stormwater Solutions. It has been about a full year since that rebrand, and we are so thankful for your patience and loyalty as we transformed. Our goal is always to improve how we can be an educational resource to you, and I think the changes we have made this year reflect that.

As we were busy rebranding, you all were busy finding solutions, creating new products and collaborating at conferences. From tackling the tricky permitting process to navigating how to fund your projects, we watched as you all overcame various challenges to solve stormwater and erosion control challenges.

One of the ways we like to honor this work is through our Top Projects program, which is featured in this issue. Each year, we seek nominations for innovative and challenging projects that were in the design, construction or completion phase over the past 18 months. The Endeavor Water Group editorial team reviews each nomination, and we select what we consider the best 10 to be that year’s Top Projects. This year, the projects spanned from improving water quality to capturing runoff and beyond. The write-ups for these projects begin on page 8. Additionally, I have interviewed stakeholders from each project that will be featured on the Stormwater Solutions website, at stormwater.com/videos.

In this issue, we also cover what steps to take when reviewing your stormwater management program (SWMP) and how one Texas utility is doing so in time for their permit renewal. Read more on page 16. On page 20, you can read about the Somerset Lake Dam Rehabilitation project, which was deemed necessary after the dam was found not to be in compliance with safety regulations. Moving through the issue, we dive into green infrastructure: on page 24, we tackle the challenge of why there has been a delay in the widespread adoption of certain green infrastructure practices. And for our final feature, on page 28, read how expanded shale, clay or slate (ESCS) can be used to filter stormwater.

I hope you enjoy this issue and have a happy holiday season. We’ll see you in 2024!

About the Author

Katie Johns

Katie Johns, editor-in-chief of Stormwater Solutions, graduated from the University of Missouri in 2016 with a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. Johns joined the Stormwater Solutions team in September 2019. Johns also helps plan the annual StormCon conference and co-hosts the Talking Under Water podcast. Prior to entering the B2B industry, she worked as a newspaper reporter and editor in Sarasota, Florida, and a magazine assistant editor in the Chicago suburbs. She can be reached at [email protected].