Incorporating Flood Resilience into Green Infrastructure Programs

March 25, 2021 - March 25, 2021

Location: Virtual

SWS will continue its webinar series with a flood control presentation at 1 p.m. CT on March 25. You can register here. 

About the presentation:

Cities across the United States are investing billions of dollars in wet weather green stormwater infrastructure programs while, simultaneously, many of those same cities are also beginning to implement aggressive climate resiliency flood reduction initiatives. Unfortunately, in most cases each of these programs are separated from each other due to various funding, political, and jurisdictional barriers. To achieve and sustain peak performance in both water quality improvement and flood mitigation, environmental planners and engineers need to envision and implement a fresh integrated approach to green infrastructure that brings together these initiatives.

This presentation will explore the challenges and opportunities for integrating water quality green infrastructure programs into water quantity climate and flood resiliency initiatives. By bringing together both green infrastructure and climate resiliency projects, this presentation will highlight commonalities to understand how different organizations are innovating on these initiatives and finding ways to foster integration across these related but often-separated sectors. The stormwater profession is moving toward a new paradigm for integrated water resources planning. Through this shared understanding, the presentation will map solutions to address funding, policy, and organizational challenges, ultimately seeking to incorporate resiliency and wet weather planning under a single common umbrella. 

Learning Objectives

The audience will learn about innovative and cost effective approaches for incorporating climate resilience into green infrastructure programs.

Register for this webinar here.