NMSA partners with Endeavor Business Media

March 16, 2023
Through the partnership, the two groups will elevate their respective platforms and NMSA will be a supporting organization of StormCon.

Endeavor Business Media (EBM), the media company of Stormwater Solutions, has entered a new partnership with the National Municipal Stormwater Alliance (NMSA) for 2023.

The goal of this partnership is to create collaborative programs to assist stormwater practitioners. The partnership will include in-person live events, digital events and webinars, editorial content ideation and creation, education and resource development and distribution and more.

This partnership aims to elevate the platforms of EBM and NMSA, including EBM’s Stormwater Solutions, StormCon and Stormwater University; and NMSA’s continuing education webinars, MS4 online resources and Centers for Excellence – Stormwater Testing and Evaluation for Products and Practices (STEPP) and Community-Based Public-Private Partnerships (CBP3s).

"NMSA is excited to continue to partner with Endeavor as both organizations seek to further the maturation and development of the stormwater sector,” said Seth Brown, executive director of NMSA.

Through the partnership, NMSA will be a supporting organization of StormCon, which will take place this year from August 29-31, 2023, in Dallas, Texas.

"We are looking forward to working with Endeavor to provide national-level programming at StormCon as there are many trends, policy updates, and issues occurring at the Federal level that impact local stormwater programs,” Brown said.

“We are very excited to be forging new partnerships to expand the reach and quality of StormCon,” said Ryan Hanson, vice president of the Water Group at Endeavor Business Media. “This new partnership with NMSA is an important step toward building the StormCon event to include all facets of stormwater management.”

To learn more about Stormwater Solutions, visit www.stormh2o.com. To learn more about the National Municipal Stormwater Alliance, visit www.ms4nmsa.org. And, to learn more about StormCon, visit StormCon.com.

Photo by Cameron McLeod, courtesy USACE.
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