ASTERRA & Collaborate on New Weather Intelligence Initiative

Nov. 29, 2022
The initiative will provide weather intelligence for maintaining and monitoring large-scale infrastructure.

ASTERRA press release

Climate change is influencing global weather phenomena and increasing risk to infrastructure and installations. Airports, roadways, mines, dams, and other large installations must proactively develop monitoring programs and predictive insights to identify emerging risks, prevent disasters, and protect infrastructure.

ASTERRA and have announced a new initiative to provide weather intelligence for maintaining and monitoring large-scale infrastructure. The two companies will focus on industries where monitoring and preserving the infrastructure of large installations is critical. Together, these capabilities will mitigate safety risks, downtime, property damage, unforeseen costs, and preventable litigation.

Both ASTERRA and provide actionable insights that protect the environment. is a weather intelligence platform that predicts and proactively helps organizations avoid costly weather disruptions in their business.’s platform and API are used by individuals, cities, and businesses around the world including Delta, Ford, and Uber to mitigate risk due to weather events.

ASTERRA will provide EarthWorks and other products based on analytics derived from L-band Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (PolSAR) satellite data and their patented algorithm. L-band radar is not commonly used by Earth observation companies, but it has the benefits that allow penetration of pavement and imaging through trees and clouds at any time of day and in any weather condition, as well as detecting soil moisture underground to find water leaks, assess pipes, explore minerals, and locate moisture over vast areas. In The Netherlands, ASTERRA’s EarthWorks is used as a tool to monitor infrastructure on the many dikes and levees protecting their communities. ASTERRA has located over 65,000 leaks of potable water and reduced carbon emissions by 134,930 metric tons.

“Together ASTERRA and provide a full solution of weather and climate, adaptation technology,” said Elly Perets, chief executive officer of ASTERRA. “This includes advanced data about weather event impact and pipeline defects, by monitoring every type of weather impact including soil moisture to prevent major catastrophes where infrastructure could fail.”