Talking Under Water Episode 3: One Water Musings

June 23, 2020

Talking Under Water hosts revisit their discussion on plastics in waterways & interview a one water expert

In this third episode of Talking Under Water: One Water, One Podcast, hosts Storm Water Solutions Managing Editor Lauren Baltas, Water Quality Products Managing Editor Amy McIntosh and Water & Wastes Digest Managing Editor Bob Crossen revisit their discussion about plastics in waterways as Starbucks and other corporations make moves to eliminate straws. McIntosh discusses her recent trip to the Texas Water Quality Assn. Convention & Expo and the effects of tariffs on the water quality industry, namely resins. Crossen talks about his trip to the U.S. Water Alliance One Water Summit in Minneapolis and how water equity was the underlying theme among sessions.

Lastly, the hosts interviewed Melanie Holmer, National Water Reuse Leader for Brown and Caldwell. Holmer talked about several one water efforts happening right now and explained what one water means to her.

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Show notes and news links:

Starbucks Announces Plans to Eliminate Plastic Straws

On July 9, Starbucks announced it plans to eliminate plastic straws from all of its stores by 2020. According to Starbucks, the decision to remove straws will mean a billion fewer plastic straws per year. To eliminate straws, the company will serve cold beverages—excluding frappuccinos—with a new lid featuring a raised lip.

How Do Plastic Straw Bans Work

Major corporations like Starbucks, Bacardi Rum, Bon Appétit Management Company, Marriott hotels, Alaska Airlines, and American Airlines have publicly announced that they will phase out plastic straws in the coming years. And they aren't the only ones.

Brown and Caldwell, Water Research Foundation Release the Blueprint for One Water

Brown and Caldwell, a full-service environmental engineering and construction firm, and the Water Research Foundation have developed and released this week Blueprint for One Water, a practical guide for agencies seeking to manage water resources holistically and sustainably. One Water is an integrated planning and implementation approach to managing finite water resources for long-term resilience and reliability, meeting both community and ecosystem needs.

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