Talking Under Water Episode 1: Cape Town Follow-Up

June 23, 2020

Podcast premiere revisits Day Zero and Cape Towns conservation efforts

Welcome to the first episode of Talking Under Water: One water, one podcast. In this episode, your hosts Storm Water Solutions Managing Editor Lauren Baltas, Water Quality Products Managing Editor Amy McIntosh and Water & Wastes Digest Managing Editor Bob Crossen discuss a pipe-fitting mistake at a library and follow up on the current status of Cape Town as it continues to fend off Day Zero. Additionally, the editors attended a tour of Lake Michigan and the Chicago River courtesy of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago. The tour included visiting the site of the Dever Water Intake Crib, several storm sewer outfalls along the river and a park along the banks that used biosolids for landscaping fertilizer. Lastly, Baltas, McIntosh and Crossen preview their June issues ahead of print.

Listen to the full episode in the SoundCloud player below or visit the Talking Under Water SoundCloud page.

Show notes and news links:

Construction Mistake Connects Library Restroom Pipes to Storm Drain
Restroom pipes in the John P. Holt Brentwood Library of Brentwood, Tenn., have been dumping sewage into a storm drain that empties into the Little Harpeth River since 2009.

Crossen, McIntosh and Baltas all covered Cape Town’s battle with Day Zero for their respective magazines. You can find their full articles at the links below.

Water & Wastes Digest: Delaying Day Zero
In Cape Town, South Africa, Day Zero is a moving target. What once was seen as an inevitable has been pushed later and later in the year. However, just by virtue of having such a date indicates a deadline for a startling thought; a day when water would not freely flow from the tap of residences in the coastal city.

Water Quality Products: Coping In Cape Town 
The summer of 2018 was not easy on residents of Cape Town, South Africa. Summer lasts from November through February in this city, located deep in the southern hemisphere at the southwestern tip of Africa, and this year’s dry climate landed residents in a state of extreme drought.

Storm Water Solutions: Plant Now & Harvest Later
“We should have preempted this better.” Will van der Merwe, managing director for Water Eco Technologies & Treatment (WETT), expressed the chagrin shared by many water professionals in Cape Town, South Africa, as they face an impending Day Zero. If Cape Town reaches this ominous date, it will become the first city in the world to run out of water.

The Talking Under Water crew took a tour of Lake Michigan and the Chicago River May 4. Below are some social media highlights from the trip.

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